VIDEO Meet America’s self-described best-looking couple, Buck and Michelle Miller

Buck and Michelle Miller

Meet the Millers, the Las Vegas pair that calls themselves the world’s best-looking couple.

“That’s a fact — hands down,” Buck Miller, 27, told Barcroft Media. “If there was a competition for the world’s best looking couple, I would sign up right now… I have yet to see a jacked couple like us.”

Buck and wife Michelle Miller, 33, award-winning bodybuilders and personal trainers, spend approximately $75,000 per year on manicures, hair treatments, gym memberships, supplements and more. Michelle has also gotten a breast augmentation to “maintain her femininity.” Still, Buck says there’s always more work to be done…

“Every time we walk by a mirror, we look,” he said. “Not because we’re cocky, but just because you’re always critiquing yourself.”

Despite all the time and effort they put into their looks, the pair has the support of their 12-year-old son, who is honestly the best part of the video.

“Yeah, I’d love to look like my dad,” Kyler Miller said. “He’s supposed to look really fit, nice, big, other words. Right now I think I’m coming close.”

Buck and Michelle both said people shouldn’t mistake their confidence for cockiness.

“If they were being smart about it, I would tell them to take off their shirt, and I’ll take off my shirt and I would ask them to repeat what they just said,” he said of his reaction to being labelled as vain. “If they were being sincere about it… I don’t talk negative about your lifestyle. Don’t talk negative about mine.”

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