VIDEO Kourtney Kardashian Mommy Blog 2: Why wooden toys are better than plastic

Kourtney's Mommy Blog 2 Wooden toys are better than plastic toys

E! reality star and soon-to-be mom for a second time Kourtney Kardashian has shared another video installment of “Kourtney’s Mommy Blog” series, this time addressing all the reasons wooden toys are much better than plastic toys.

Here are the reasons Kourtney gives as to why wooden toys are better than plastic toys:

Plastic toys can be toxic
Wooden toys last longer
Wooden toys are easier to clean
Wooden toys are stronger
Plastic toys can have sharp edges when they break
Wooden toys are better for the environment
Wooden toys never go out of style

Kourtney sums up the blog with a rather racy tip of the day: “Wood is good.”

Now we all just sit back and wait for Teen Mom Farrah Abraham to disagree via Twitter!

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