VIDEO Kimmel shows some Beliebers love Bieber no matter what


All of the recent headlines about pop star Justin Bieber has folks wondering if he’s on a slippery slope into some dark territory. There’s all those neighborhood speeding stories, the monkey thing, the pics and recent video that indicate possible drug use and frequent run-ins with the paparazzi.

I can’t defend a number of these actions but at the same time I can’t imagine what it’s like to have an almost unprecedented microscope on my life at all times like Justin has. It’s a good thing for The Biebs that he doesn’t need me or anyone else defending him because the kid has one of the most loyal armies on the planet, Beliebers, that have his back.

During Jimmy Kimmel’s most recent edition of “Lie Witness News,” he sent a fake lady reporter out to JB’s show at the Staples Center and asked fans what they thought about some fake and preposterous news stories to see what they would say. The result: Some Beliebers will defend Bieber to the end!

Fake Reporter: Now Justin has said that because of his touring schedule he doesn’t have time to learn how to read. Do you think he needs to learn how to read?

Belieber: No. He’s perfect the way he is.

FR: What do you think he meant when he peed on the American flag?

Belieber: Probably just as a joke, you know, to be funny. It was pretty funny.

Belieber dad: I think he’s just a young kid going through a phase. I don’t think he meant anything bad. My daughter was pretty upset but she’s still a fan of his.

FR: Do you think it’s hot that Justin has Judge Judy tattooed on his arm?

3 Beliebers: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

In the comments section underneath the video someone stood up for those fans who aren’t as extreme:

I hate how people stereotype “beliebers”. Fans like those girls in the video are not the majority…they are just infamous for their “sheep-like” and idiotic behavior. I for one am a belieber. I am not 13 years old, my twitter is not dedicated to him, I am an honors student, I do not think he’s perfect, and I definitely don’t think that he is the King of Pop.

I particularly liked the dad who was trying to to defend his daughter’s defense of something that never happened.

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