VIDEO Preview Hillbillies for Hire, CMT’s new prank show

Big Ox and Jeremiah from Hillbillies for Hire

Jeremiah Hatfield and Ed “Big Ox” Bussey, two back-country buddies from Florida, are notorious among friends and family for their devious pranks. Now Jeremiah and Big Ox are taking their hijinks to the next level with their own shop — and the finest antics will appear on Hillbillies for Hire, a new show set to premiere on CMT on July 14.

“Whether it’s pranking a person who’s afraid of the water by pretending that their boat is sinking in an alligator-infested swamp, or creating an actual pigsty in a friend’s apartment because he never cleans up, all of Jeremiah and Big Ox’s pranks are done with the intention of having some good-hearted fun,” CMT teased in a statement.

In other words, it’s like Punk’d meets Redneck Island.

In the following scene, they demonstrate how to (ungracefully) situate a portable toilet on top of a moving dock. Obviously it’s an essential skill we should all learn…

Without shame, there’s only one limit on the pranks Jeremiah and Big Ox are willing to pull: no physical violence.

Big Ox is a 26-year-old Florida native who loves all country-related activities. Besides playing pranks with Jeremiah, Big Ox also likes to cook, play videos and romance the local ladies. (Nothing sexier than a sense of humor!)

Older and wiser, Jeremiah has moved all around the country before settling back in his home state with his wife and five young children. Just like Big Ox, Jeremiah is a country boy who doesn’t mind getting dirty for the sake of a good prank… You’ve just got to wonder what his wife thinks of it all!

Two back-to-back episodes will air on July 14 at 8/7 p.m. on CMT. Will you watch?

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