VIDEO: Katy Perry plays bride dress up with Elmo

Katy Perry and her assets showed up on Sesame Street to play a little dress up with everybody’s second favorite plush cuddly doll Elmo.  Elmo seems to get a little bit intimidated at the the thought of moving in on Russell Brand’s ho so he runs off in fear forcing Katy Perry and her bust to bounce around chasing him while singing a spoof of her hit song “Hot N Cold.”  The song is supposed to teach little ones about the concept of opposites but all I learned from this clip is the concept of jiggly bits!

Here is a “bouncy” Katy Perry searching for Elmo on Sesame Street:

This follows a current trend of Katy reversing back to her birth while using her Perry-Berries as weapons.  She just recently did a surprise gig at her High School where she stripped out of a cheerleader outfit and shook her jiggly bits in the face of a popular boy who paid her no attention.  Usually bloggers should refrain from getting Freudian but I think this emotional backtracking will inevitably lead to her mother’s bosom.  It would explain a lot, except for Russell Brand of course.

Here are a couple of additional stills from Katy’s jaunt on Sesame Street.  Neither Big Bird, Ernie, or Snuffleupagus could be reached for comment.  Their reps said they would all be in their personal trailers for at least 15 minutes or so.