VIDEO K. Michelle allegedly lied about Memphitz domestic violence

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The K. Michelle Memphitz feud might have just taken an unexpected turn. A recently unearthed video of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star appears to show K. Michelle admitting that the domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of her former flame during the K. Michelle Memphitz feud was exaggerated for television, and that reports of Memphitz stealing money from her were also overblown.

This past weekend, the K. Michelle Memphitz feud seemed to come to an end, when the pair appeared to mend fences five years after their acrimonious split. Originally, Memphitz admitted to assaulting K. in a Memphis hotel room in 2009; this past weekend, though, K. Michelle took to Instagram to share that she’d just spoken with her former lover for the first time since the K. Michelle Memphitz feud began, and that she also regretted her very public feud with Memphitz’s ex-wife Toya Wright.

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However, a just-unearthed video appears to cast doubt on the entire situation. The video, sent anonymously to Straight From The Tea and since shared by noted site Fameolous, appears to be a 20-minute deposition featuring K. Michelle speaking to an off-camera questioner. The interview is prefaced by a series of clips from Love & Hip Hop which feature K. Michelle discussing the domestic abuse she suffered.

When asked if all of the injuries that Love & Hip Hop depicted were real, K. Michelle says that the show added a black eye to her “cuts and scrapes” in order to make the abuse appear more dramatic. Michelle also appears to suggest that reports of the theft of her money by Memphitz were overblown–though Michelle does explain that both the theft and the domestic violence did in fact occur.

Here’s the K. Michelle Memphis feud video in full:


(Photo credits: K. Michelle Memphitz feud via Instagram)

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