Scott Disick rehab update: Kourtney Kardashian finally visits; Kris Jenner ‘begging’ to let cameras in

Scott Disick rehab update 9

The latest Scott Disick rehab update is a busy one indeed. Estranged partner Kourtney Kardashian has finally relented and visited Scott in rehab, with their children in tow…but Kourtney’s feud with mom Kris, who is reportedly “begging” to have a camera crew film Scott’s recovery, is only getting worse.

Kourtney’s recent visit to see Scott at the Cliffside Malibu treatment facility apparently went better than expected–particularly after Kourtney, who was “livid” when Kris visited with the kids, said she didn’t want to get Scott’s hopes up by making the trip herself. Kourtney brought the kids to visit after all the Halloween excitement died down; Scott spent a great deal of time on the balcony, and paid particular attention to Mason, keeping his arm around him while the boy watched the ocean through binoculars.

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Hollywood Life report alleges that, in addition to giving up sex for a year, the Scott Disick rehab update involves he and Kourtney meeting with therapists at the facility, since, in the words of one insider, “Scott‘s recovery needs to include Kourtney. Whether they stay together or not, they will always be in each other’s lives because of the kids, so things between them do need to get back on solid footing.

“A lot of forgiveness needs to happen,” the source reported. “Scott is very remorseful for what he’s put her through, but it’s not as though Kourtney can just forget everything that’s gone on.”

Scott Disick rehab update 9

Kourtney Kardashian’s feud with mom Kris Jenner, however, shows no signs of slowing, let along disappearing. Kris is apparently “begging” Kourtney to bring a camera crew with her when she visits Scott later this week; that report’s source claims that Kris is concerned about Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ recent ratings, and thinks a heart-to-heart between Scott and Kourtney would be good for the show.

“Kris is insisting that the next visit be filmed for the show,” the source reports. “Kris is even going so far as to promise Scott and Kourtney that they would both get pay raises if they would open up this drama [and let] the crew could film while she is there….Mow that Scott is in rehab and Kourtney is hot and single, Kris is putting a lot of emphasis on her and this entire situation.”


(Photo credits: Scott Disick rehab update via Instagram)

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