VIDEO Justin Bieber gets a painful tattoo in new Comedy Central Roast promo as Kevin Hart shares some spoilers

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Sometimes, the best comedy is straightforward. That’s the product that Comedy Central is selling with its newest promo for the upcoming Justin Bieber roast. The short, sweet spot features J-Bibs sitting in a chair at a tattoo parlor in obvious discomfort. The reason why? He’s getting a giant, completely appropriate tattoo on his back, of course. Behold:



F*ckin’ perfect indeed, Jeffrey Ross. There’s no better way to say it.

In related news: animated, short Kevin Hart, who’s hosting the hoe-down, shared a couple of details about what viewers should expect from the March 30th “Biebe-struction.” He says the comics will go easy on Bieby, but who can tell whether Hart’s jesting:


He’ll be fine, that’s a great friend of mine. I’m not going to be malicious, we’ll throw a couple jabs here and there, but it’s all about setting the tone. It’s all in fun….Expect me to hit him below the belt a couple times….I have to set the tone so everyone understands that it’s a fun night. We’re all here for a good reason and let’s throw some jabs, but nothing malicious. It’ll be great.


Bieber’s roast airs on March 30th at 10 PM EST. Are you going to tune in? More importantly: Do you hope Bieber cries?


(Photo credits: Screencaps via YouTube)

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