Who is Kiernan Shipka? John Mayer’s rumored 23 year old love interest

The last time Starcasm updated the world on Kiernan Shipka she was a 15 year old actress just finishing up her run on the successful series Mad Men. Now she’s making headlines for a different reason…

23 years old and on the dating scene, it looks like crooner John Mayer (known for his interest in younger women) has her set in his sights.

Who is Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan Brennan Shipka is an American actress best known for her role as Sally Draper on AMC’s Mad Men. Born in 1999, Shipka just recently turned 23.

Also starring in the Sabrina the Teenage Witch television series and the movie adaptation of Flowers in the Attic, the gorgeous young star has had a flourishing career in Hollywood. Her first gig was on the medical drama ER when she was just 5 years old.

Active on Instagram, Shipka is currently promoting her newest film Wildflower, costarring Jean Smart and Brad Garrett.

John Mayer’s new love interest

According to several DeuxMoi blind items, Room for Square‘s writer John Mayer is entertaining the young celebrity.

Mayer, 45, is well known for having a romantic interest in younger partners. Exposed by Taylor Swift in the songs Dear John and Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve… the mega star, who’s Era’s Tour kicks off today, has made many implications that Mayer is a “stealer of girlhood.”

The 20+ year age difference between he and Shipka is definitely raising some eyebrows, and even though they are both adults, Twitter is not having it when it comes to this unconventional couple.

Mayer and Shipka linked

John Mayer follows Kiernan Shipka on Instagram, which is eyebrow raising for sure, but not necessarily an omission of guilt – Shipka has nearly 8M followers on the social media app.

What IS curious is that Shipka was spotted at John Mayer’s recent NYC show. While everyone and their mother has been rushing to see Mayer solo in concert, the crowd is mostly made up of 30 somethings and above.

Fans are concerned that John is interested in Kiernan because of her young age, but it could also be simply because she’s a gorgeous, well-seasoned actress.

Is John Mayer a predator or just interested in beautiful, talented women? The jury is out… but it might be a little weird for him to serenade her with Your Body is a Wonderland given their large age difference.

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