Watch the Holly Sampson Tiger Woods video – she announced their hook-up on webcast in May, 2009

Tiger Woods mistress Holly Sampson adnmitted to the affair in May of 2009

This is just more proof that we need to take our adult film stars more seriously! The Tiger Woods mistress dam would have burst wide open back in May if we had listened to pro ho Holly Sampson, who is Tiger Woods mistress number 10 overall, but number 7 on the Tiger Woods Mistress Scorecard because she was the seventh one we learned of by name.

Holly was being interviewed for a Naughty America webcast called Live With Lauren, which is apparently some sort of topless kitchen interview show. Lauren (the adult version of Paula Deen. She should go by “Dalia Peen.”) asked Holly about the famous people she has “been with.” After admitting to bumping uglies with some celebrity named Kevin (That part is cut out so all we know is the first name. Kevin Federline? Kevin Spacey? Kevin Eubanks?) Holly scratches her head, “Ummm, I’m trying to think of who else. Ummmm…Oh! Tiger Woods!” (Laughs)

Holly goes on to explain how she and some friends were hired by a friend of Tiger’s for his bachelor party and Tiger picked her “to go in the room and have some, you know, whatever, and I have to say he was really good.”

Holly’s Tiger Woods insights just kept coming:

“He’s like the whitest black boy you’ve ever met in your life … His teeth are perfect and he’s like the perfect gentleman. Beautiful, beautiful everything.”

The host then commented that Holly looks like Tiger’s wife Elin, to which Holly responded, “I know, I know! I think he likes blonds obviously.” Ouch.

Holly then became prophetic by saying, “I’m sure he would probably die to know that I was telling this on the internet, but that’s OK. I don’t care. It was fuuun. It’s not like it’s any big mystery.”


It should be noted that if their only hook-up occurred at Tiger’s bachelor party it could eliminate Holly from the official mistress list because technically Tiger wasn’t married yet so technically Holly wasn’t a mistress.

I have to confess that if those big burgundy booby blocking boxes weren’t there that I might actually like this show! Holly didn’t seem all that annoying or trashy! Maybe I’m watching with the wrong brain? C’mon, this is better than half the Food Network shows, right? Instead of Barefoot Contessa they could start showing Barebreast Holly and instead of serving up rack of lamb, she could serve up her own rack as well as juicy gossip on all the celebrities she slept with that week.

Or she could just keep making appearances on Live With Lauren, which apparently no one pays attention to, or else they watch it on mute.

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