PHOTOS Letter to the wife of ESPN’s Steve Phillips from mistress Brooke Hundley

Brooke Hundley and Steve Phillips

There seems to be a a completely different kind of “swine flu” sweeping the nation and the symptoms are: fame and an uncontrollable desire to sleep with young women who work for you. ESPN baseball analyst and former manager of the New York Mets Steve Phillips is the latest to be diagnosed with the pig disease after it was revealed he wallowed around with Brooke Hundley, a 22-year-old production assistant.

Steve Phillips affair whistle-blower Brooke Hundley

****SIDE NOTE – Actually, Phillips was previously diagnosed with sexual swine flu back when he was general manager of the Mets, taking a leave of absence when it was revealed he had an affair with Mets employee Rosa Rodriguez, who later filed a sexual harassment suit against Phillips which was eventually settled out of court.

Phillips has admitted to having sexual relations with Hundley on three occasion before dumping her, and that’s when the Fatal Attraction drama began. Brooke began to contact Phillips’ wife Marni Phillips via cell phone voice and text messages. From The New York Post:

On Aug. 16, Marni said, Hundley left her “a detailed and very disturbing voice-mail message on my cellphone and a [text] message late that night.”

“The tone of the text message was, ‘I care about Steve, I make him happy, and we both can’t have him,’ ” Marni said.

Hundley also posed as a 16-year-old classmate of Phillips’ son on Facebook in an attempt to get information about his parents:

“She said that she had overheard my mom telling someone at my brother’s baseball game that my dad really likes someone at work and is probably going to move out and that if I need to talk to anyone, she would be willing to listen because her parents went through the same thing,” the boy told cops.

“She asked inappropriate questions about my parents, such as: Do they sleep in the same bed? Do you think they will be getting a divorce? Do they fight a lot?” the youth added.

He also said Hundely was flirtatious, claiming to have watched him at football practice. He broke off their conversations after being angered by Hundley’s references to his mother Marni as his dad’s “baby momma.”

Deciding to step up her insane in the membrane game, Brooke Hundley was seen leaving the Phillips home by Marni Phillips, who was returning with her 7-year-old son:

“I knew instinctively this was the woman Steve was involved with and I was terrified,” Marni told cops. “I immediately called 911. She got in her car, put it in reverse and smashed the rear end of her vehicle into the stone column.”

Marni then found the letter stuck in the door.

In the letter, Hundley details her affair with Phillips, and mentions “a big birthmark on his crotch . . . and one on his left inner thigh, so you know I’m not being fake.”

Here is the complete letter with a few names edited out to protect the innocent. Click to see a larger image:

Brooke Hundley letter

Marni has since filed for divorce from Steve and was deeded the couples multi-million dollar home in Wilton two months ago.

Read the complete story at The New York Post.

Here are some poor-quality photos of Brooke Hundley:

Mistress of ESPN analyst Steve Phillips Brooke Hundley

Brooke Hundley

Steve Phillips mistress Brooke Hundley

Brooke Hundley picture

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