VIDEO – Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeries leave her unable to chew a hamburger

Tonight on the season premiere of the final run of The Hills, Heidi Montag takes her newly altered body and face (thanks to 10 plastic surgery procedures) and her giant void of self-esteem to visit her family.

In the clip (via US Weekly) below she’s seen trying to explain to her mother (who comes off very reasonable and loving, yet kind of disgusted by the situation) and her sister why she changed her body to make herself happier.

Thanks to Heidi’s Michael Jackson-style transformation The Hills is taking a turn from a vapid, scripted docu-drama to a twisted David Lynch reality-horror-soap-after-school-special.

To top off all the concerned family banter, and the girl irrevocably-broken-by-Hollywood tragedy, Heidi finds it difficult to chew her hamburger, even many weeks after her operations.

Let this be a warning kids. Learn to love yourselves and work with what you’ve got:


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