New Jimmy Clausen Six Flags ride

Jimmy Clausen's Freefall ride

Those Six Flags folks are on the ball! Within just a few days of Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen being selected by the Carolina Panthers with the 48th overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft they’ve already got a brand new ride so the public can also experience the thrill of being Jimmy Clausen on draft day!

You start with a steady ascension up and up and up the “hype” tower until you almost reach the top. Then, you strap yourself in and freefall almost 44 picks down, down, down… well into the second round! It’s awesome! You’re stomach turns inside out and you really feel like you’re going to die!

The Jimmy Clausen Freefall ride replaces the Brady Quinn Freefall ride built back in 2007 and is more than twice as tall as it’s predecessor. Six Flags Over Rated is reportedly working on a massive new thrill ride project that will supposedly be able to seat hundreds of thousands of riders at the same time, plummeting into a seemingly bottomless abyss! The ride is tentatively called “Notre Dame Sports.” The project was scheduled for completion last year, but park officials and reality demand that they keep digging further and further and further and further…

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