VIDEO – Heidi Montag almost died from too much demoral after 10 plastic surgery procedures


Heidi Montag told Access Hollywood that she almost died when she was recovering from her plastic surgery procedures because she had too much Demoral, “Just like Michael Jackson.” With Micheal Jackson, it was Profocal, but either way . . . she almost died!

I’m sure her doctor, Dr. Frank Ryan, didn’t exactly pop the champagne when he heard those words come out of her mouth because he’s trying to sell the 10 procedures he performed on her in one day as perfectly healthy. In fact, Dr. Ryan claims that she’s flat-out lying about her near-death experience.

The creepiest part of this whole thing is the way her eyes have looked dead ever since she’s had these procedures. Before she was a little annoying with all of her attention-seeking, but she was a pretty girl who still had smiles in her eyes. Dr. Ryan might of tricked her and added an 11th procedure: soul extraction.

The second creepiest part is the way she segues in this interview from a near-death experience to something about how risking her life for a crap-load of crazy plastic surgery procedures was all part of God’s plan. Honey, if there’s a God he wants you and your old chin frolicking in a field somewhere enjoying life, not staring listlessly from a balcony with a mannequin’s face.

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