VIDEO Farrah Abraham calls Couples Therapy cast “alcoholic crazy liars”

Reflections with Farrah Abraham

I know, not ANOTHER Farrah Abraham post, but girl just provides way too good of material to not share with all of y’all!

In this Friday edition of “Reflections With Farrah” we have a response to last night’s confrontational episode of Couples Therapy. Sparks flew between Taylor Armstrong of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame and Abraham. Armstrong, who was getting a little sauced, gave Farrah grief over ordering all of her grub while everyone else was still ordering drinks and critiquing her youth and what not…

So what did Farrah think of all that after watching the episode?


“So a couple of things I learned last night watching Season 4 of Couples Therapy, episode 2. I learned that my roommates are alcoholics, crazy liars and malicious people who probably need to not be hypocrites, be better parents and actually be more better role models since they’re older and they know more than me and they can do so much and I guess they’re more richer than I am. So I’m happy that I don’t have a big head. I don’t need to think I’m more of a celebrity and also… If you’re hungry people… Eat. F**k the rest of the table.”

Annnnnd she had tweeted this earlier for good measure:

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