PHOTOS Lottie Moss, 16, follows sister Kate Moss into modeling

Lottie Moss - Kate Moss' Sister

Lottie Moss really marked her 16th birthday in high style: The British beauty announced she’s signed with Storm Model Management, the same agency that discovered older sister Kate Moss when she was 14.

The mega-agency seemed equally pleased to have Lottie on their roster, tweeting a “happy birthday” message.

Lottie Moss - Storm Modeling

(Anyone else getting a major Emma Roberts’ vibe from that photo?)

Lottie — whose full name is Charlotte Moss — has the same father as her famous half-sister. Born in 1998, when Kate was already a certified supermodel, Lottie had a largely normal upbringing. She created some major buzz in the modeling industry when she was photographed at Kate’s 2011 wedding.

Lottie Moss - Kate Moss' Wedding
^From the Evening Standard in July 2011.

At the time, a noted agent said Lottie “could definitely make a model.” Despite the encouragement, Lottie’s mother insisted the then-13-year-old was too young.

“When she is old enough it will be her decision,” Inger Moss told Evening Standard, apparently thinking to herself that 16 would be “old enough.”

Lottie Moss - Kate Moss - Comparison
^Young Kate Moss for her first sitting in 1988 and Lottie Moss now.

Although Lottie is listed among Storm Model Management’s New Faces, a spokesperson told Vogue UK the teen is “in full-time education she is concentrating on her exams and this is her focus.” Still, we can likely except to see her first ads cropping up soon!

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