Farrah Abraham and boyfriend Daniel Alvarez break up, exchange nasty tweets

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham breaks up with boyfriend Daniel Alvarez

That didn’t last long. Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham made her relationship with new boyfriend Daniel Alvarez public a couple weeks ago and now it seems the fairytale romance has come to an abrupt and not very amicable end.

Here are Farrah’s rather biting tweets from earlier today:

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's angry tweets about ex-boyfriend Daniel Alvarez

And Daniel Alvarez fired back:

Daniel Alvarez expresses anger at ex Farrah Abraham on Twitter

(Judging from Farrah’s comment about being hacked I’m assuming there was a tweet made by Daniel on Farrah’s account that has since been deleted. If anyone out there knows what it said be sure to let us know!)

UPDATE – According to a couple commenters Farrah (or at least her account) tweeted this earlier: “He dumped me like a reel assh0le. @ImDanielAlvarez ur soo imature and un important. Oh well Im in Grind mode!! ;)”

This is a real shame. Farrah seemed genuinely happy in those photos and in her comments so it sucks that the relationship didn’t pan out and that the split wasn’t an amicable one. (And Sophia seemed to like him too!) Daniel was in internet marketing, which would seem to indicate he is someone who could be motivated by the media exposure dating Farrah would most certainly garner. But, until one or the other says something more, it’s all just speculation at this point.

You can find out more about Daniel, including his businesses, by reading our initial profile post on him. Something tells me there will be a few more fireworks in this story before it is all said and done!

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