PHOTOS Blake Lively shows off tiny waist in Chanel’s ‘optical illusion’ design

Blake Lively Optical Illusion Chanel Dress Cannes 2014

Blake Lively followed in Keira Knightley and Rihanna’s footsteps today by wearing one of Chanel Couture’s new “optical illusion” designs to the premiere of Mr. Turner at the Cannes Film Festival. The increasingly popular silhouette basically accentuates a tiny waist while being more modest than a crop top.

The contrasting fits on Blake’s embroidered gown were less stark than styles Keira and Rihanna have worn — but certainly still highlighted the Gossip Girl star’s figure. (I’m kind of obsessed with this picture…)

Blake Lively Cannes 2014 Red Carpet

Here’s a look at the back…

Blake Lively Chanel Corset Back

The new trend is part of a growing obsession with having (or appearing to have) as slender of a waist as possible. No longer content with diet and exercise, it seems some celebrities are resorting to slightly more extreme — albeit traditional — practices of wearing modern corsets or “waist trainers.”

Do you like the optical illusion look?

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