VIDEO Drake is visibly disgusted after Madonna plants a surprise kiss on him

Madonna kissing Drake at Coachella

Drake was game to invite Madonna onto the stage during his performance at Coachella this weekend. But, based on his reaction when she forced him into an 8-second make-out session, he wasn’t expecting to reach first base with the 56-year-old singer.

In video, Madonna approaches a seated Drake from behind, pulls his head back and initiates the kiss. Drake raises his hand to Madonna’s head, seemingly to give her a small push back, but she just swats his hand away and continues going for it! When she finally comes up for air, Drake seems repulsed. (Warning: Video contains some language in Madonna’s song.)

Although Drake looked taken by surprise, Madonna made her intentions pretty clear during an interview with Us Weekly last month.

“The lifelong ambition I still want to fulfill is to go on a dream date with Drake — and only kiss him,” she said.

It appears Drake didn’t have the same thing in mind.

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