VIDEO Cop brawling with clown makes Milwaukee famous again

Clown cop fight in Milwaukee

The header for this pretty much negates any reason for me to add anything other than the video but out of habit I’ll do it.

A hero named Mitch Cooper was driving by City Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when he witnessed something that absolutely demanded to be recorded and transmitted on the internet for perpetuity. Dude saw a cop and a clown brawling and, well, here’s the born to be viral footage:

“What’s going through my head is, ‘A cop is beating up a clown! How can I not capture this on camera and show it to all my friends?'”

And now all of the internet will be friends of Mitch Cooper thanks to his quick thinking. The clown who was clowning is an “activist” who was reported to have been chasing cars around with a squirt gun. He was arrested following the incident and charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

There was no word as to whether or not the clown was under the influence of what made Milwaukee famous.