VIDEO Amber Portwood, Gary Shirley and daughter Leah have lunch together at Panera

Teen Mom Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley drawing on notebook paper from 16 and Pregnant episode

Amber Portwood continues to work toward getting her life back on track after she was released from prison on Monday, and one of the biggest obstacles for her will most certainly be attempting to coparent her daughter Leah with Gary Shirley, who seems to have an uncanny knack for pushing Amber’s buttons and testing her anger management issues. But, as yet another sign that Amber’s time in prison really has transformed the 23-year-old former reality star, she and Gary were seen with their daughter Leah having what appeared to be a peaceful lunch together at Panera yesterday.

While walking back to their car, Amber and Gary fielded a few questions from the videographer, including whether or not they had plans on getting back together:

Cameraman: How you guys doing? How’s everything going?

Gary: Good.

Amber: Great.

Cameraman: You guys getting back together?

Amber: No.

Gary: Heh heh. No

Cameraman: Just being friends?

Amber: Yep! Doing it for Boo Boo.

The clip may not seem like much for those who have never watched Teen Mom, but for those who have, you know that Amber and Gary being able to co-exist, especially with Leah present, for any length of time without getting into a fight is HUGE progress! And you have to remember that this video was shot after they all had lunch together!

Congratulations again to Amber for seemingly straightening her life out! And kudos to Gary for being supportive. We all have our fingers crossed an amazing happy ending here. 🙂

On a slightly related side note, is anyone else out there addicted to Panera’s roasted turkey harvest wheatberry salad?!? Damn it’s good!

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