Amber Portwood used machete & took handful of Klonopin during Andrew attack according to affidavit, now facing 3 felonies

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More details have been released about the altercation between Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood and her boyfriend Andrew Glennon that initially resulted in her arrest for misdemeanor domestic battery on July 5 — and they are TERRIFYING! As a result, she is now facing three felony charges, including criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup was the first to report on the scary new details from the probable cause affidavit for the new felony charges, which includes domestic battery and domestic battery in the presence of a child.


According to the much more detailed new affidavit, Andrew tells police that the trouble started early in the evening on July 4. He says that he and Amber were attempting to drive with their one-year-old son James to watch the fireworks display at nearby Geist Bridge, but they got caught up in traffic and were unable to get there.

Andrew says that Amber was furious, and she blamed him for not planning better. Andrew dropped Amber off at their house, and he then drove James around to allow Amber to “cool off.” When he returned with James, Amber initially refused to unlock the door. She eventually relented and allowed Andrew and James inside.

This was when the incident with the shoe allegedly took place. “Mr. Glennon stated when he got inside the home, Ms. Portwood grabbed a shoe off the shoe rack and hit him with it. Mr. Glennon stated he was holding [the baby] and he turned to the side to avoid [the baby] getting hit with the shoe,” reads the affidavit.

“Amber began screaming at him and hit him several times and he wasn’t positive if it was an open hand or closed fist,” a second officer who spoke with Andrew states. “Then Amber picked up a sandal with about a 1-inch chunky heel and hit him in the shoulder, causing him pain and redness and a light abrasion.”

Andrew took James and left again, and this time they drove around for three hours. During the three hours, Andrew says he continued to check in with Amber “to gauge where she was at mentally and if things had cooled down.”

Eventually he would return, and he even brought a gift and food with him. None of that seemed to matter because when he got upstairs, he says Amber charged at him and James before demanding that Andrew put their son down. Andrew refused.

“Mr. Glennon became visibly upset and stated Ms. Portwood then threatened to kill herself. Mr. Glennon stated Ms. Portwood went to her drawer and took a handful of Klonopin and tossed it back like it was nothing.”

At this point, Andrew told Amber that he was calling for help. He says that Amber then regurgitated the pills.

Things then went from horrible to worse as Andrew says Amber grabbed a machete that she keeps for protection, unsheathed it, and began to come at him while he was still holding James!

“Mr. Glennon stated he locked himself and [the baby] into the office,” the affidavit states. “Mr. Glennon stated she hit the door with the machete and kicked the door and broke the handle. Mr. Glennon stated that is when he called for help.”

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Once again, the affidavit also includes Andrew’s statements made to another officer:

She keeps a machete with a sheath on it. Amber picked up the machete, took the sheath off and looked at Andrew with a look so as she was moving around the bed, he took [the baby] into the office and closed the door and put his foot on it to hold it closed.

Andrew said Amber kicked the door allowing the top to pop open from the kick but he kept his foot at the bottom…Amber then used the machete and began using it to put slashes on the door.

Andrew says that Amber has the machete because she is a convicted felon and is unable to possess a firearm.

Speaking of Amber being a convicted felon, that appears to be the reason why she is facing three felonies instead of just two. The domestic battery charge would normally be a misdemeanor, but because of Amber’s previous conviction for domestic battery against ex Gary Shirley (once again with a child present), that charge is automatically bumped up to a felony.

All three of Amber’s charges are Level 6 Felonies, which is the least serious. Indiana Code 35-50-2-7(b) defines the possible sentence for Level 6 felony as between six months to two years and one-half (2 1/2 ) years, with the advisory sentence being one (1) year. In addition, the person may be fined not more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

In addition to the new felony charges, there is also an “Order Granting Motion for No Contact Order” listed on the Marion County Superior Court website’s entry for the case. As we previously reported, Andrew has filed a Petition to Establish Paternity and requested an emergency custody hearing. Reports indicate that he is seeking full custody of James.

Amber is scheduled to appear in court at 8:30AM Wednesday morning.

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