DANCE MOMS Abby Lee Miller released from prison early (and late)

O Brother Where Art Thou Abby Lee Miller poster

Dance Moms matriarch Abby Lee Miller was scheduled to be released from prison back in February, but a bureaucratic crackdown on halfway house overcrowding prevented that from happening — something Abby didn’t find out until the day she was scheduled to get out. After much delay, Abby finally did get her early release as she reportedly left Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in California on Tuesday, March 27.

Us Weekly got the scoop on Abby’s supervised release, including some of the guidelines she will have to adhere to in order to remain on the outside:

• Refrain from any unlawful use of a controlled substance.

• Submit to one drug test within 15 days of release from imprisonment and at least two periodic drug tests thereafter, as determined by the court

• Cooperate in the collection of DNA as directed by the probation officer

• Report to the probation office in the federal judicial district where she is authorized to reside

• Follow all of the conditions set by her probation officer, including living arrangement guidelines and full-time employment

• No communication or interaction with someone [she] knows is engaged in criminal activity

• No arrests

• If arrested, notify her probation officer within 72 hours

• No illegal possession of a controlled substance

• Report any address change within 30 days to the United States Attorney’s Office while any portion of the fine remains outstanding

The 51-year-old reality star was convicted of bank fraud in 2017 and sentenced to one year and a day in federal prison. As mentioned above, she was scheduled for early release on February 20 after serving only 223 days of her 366-day sentence, but that fell through on the day of her scheduled release. She currently has just over 100 days remaining on her sentence.

Abby has yet to make a public statement since her release, but she did tweet a photo of Kermit the Frog sipping tea:

There is no word if WE TV took our advice and courted Abby for a second season of their hit prison romance series Love After Lockup. Perhaps re-posting the promotional poster will help motivate them?

Love After Lockup Abby Lee Miller

Of course, if Abby is tired of reality television, she could always try her hat at acting in a scripted show:

Orange Is the New Black Abby Lee Miller

Orange Is the New Black producers could even cast Abby as herself — sort of — much like the Paula Dean inspired Judy King character. The scripts basically write themselves given Abby’s history of bossing girls around.

(Yes, I LOVE that Abby in orange image! Yes, I will keep using it over and over!)

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