Vice Principal arrested for sexting a 13-year-old masturbation advice

Vice Principal Charles Hurst

Charles Hurst, who was Vice Principal at Pennbrook Middle School in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, is the latest school official gone bad.  Hurst was arrested for what prosecutors are saying were sexually charged text messages with a former student (13 years old).  He will face charges of endangering the welfare of a child, corruption of minors and possession of cocaine.

The Montgomery County DA says that Hurst befriended the young boy in question and spent many hours with him including sharing activities such as working out, running, studying and even attending a 76ers game.  Hurst was also very generous to the boy’s family having routinely purchased items for them and supplying the boy with a monetary allowance.

The boy told authorities that Hurst first introduced the concept of masturbation to him while they were riding in a car together.  The boy was told by Hurst that the act was healthy and that it would make him grow smart and healthy.  Hurst is also accused of giving the boy advice on how to perform self pleasuring acts that would feel better and improve the experience going as far as to provide an extra dollar to his allowance each time that the boy reported via text messages to him that he had masturbated.

Text messages were found on the boy’s phone that collaborated the fact that conversations about masturbationand and other inappropriate topics occurred.

Hurst is no longer employed by Pennbrook having accepted a job with the Lower Moreland School District in the same capacity earlier this year.  A statement on the school’s website:

The safety and emotional wellbeing of our students is of the utmost importance to the school district. Thus, the news that former employee Charles Hurst was charged with crimes involving a student is met with great concern. The district is working cooperatively with the Montgomery Township Police Department as they investigate the matter further.

Mr. Hurst is being arraigned today for his charges.

Top Photo: Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office