UNEXPECTED Max & Chloe back together, Chloe’s mom says Max booted from rehab early

Unexpected Max Schenzel update

The roller coaster life of Unexpected dad Max Schenzel continues. The 20-year-old reality star reveals that he recently attended an Alcoholics Anonymous retreat, got a new job, and is back together with Chloe Mendoza!

The avalanche of apparent good news started with Max’s post about the AA retreat on Instagram last Sunday. “On my way home right now from a AA retreat,” he captioned a photo on October 13. Max continued his caption with an unusual bit of humility as he finally seems willing to own up to his addiction issues:

Today It’s been 29 days since I changed my everyday life routine. I forgot how great life was because I let life’s problems defeat me and deceive me into thinking that what I was doing was justified. I watched myself make mistakes that lead to bigger mistakes as I slowly caused damage in every relationship I had. I got my daughter in my life, my lady, my father, my experienced sponsor, and the guy in my picture is one of my real few friends that I have left. I got a long way to go still but I am genuinely happy with life and I feel confident when I wake up and excited when I go to sleep. Life is a process and god puts signs in it that you have to pay attention to. Trust the process and everything else will follow. Everyone has issues in life, and everyone’s capable of overcoming them. God bless everybody and have a great Sunday! #gocards? #blessed


He also shared this message in a text graphic posted to his Instagram story:

If you’re not waking up everyday with a smile on your face, then something’s wrong. If you need someone to talk to I’m here for anybody! Everybody’s capable of being happy and having a great life! Don’t let sh*t bring you down because you can put just as much energy out as the amount of negative or positive energy you take in!!!! If I’m doing good, trust me you can too. ??? Bless the mess.

Max’s dad Todd and a couple of his Unexpected co-stars responded in the comments section of Max’s post:

TODD: Proud of you son. From mistakes to greatness. Let that be your story.

McKAYLA ADKINS: Happy for you! ??

LAURA BARRON: That’s awesome Max! You got this, keep your head up!

The day after Max posted about returning from the AA retreat, he shared a photo taken at a local flooring store. “I hope I get this job ???,” he captioned the image. He soon updated with positive news. “Got the job ?.”

UPDATE – I’m not sure what happened with Max’s job at the flooring store, but after this article was posted, he revealed on Instagram that he is currently working at Haus of Vapors. “Come see me at Haus of Vapors in Tempe, AZ and get some major discounts off top quality vape products!!!” Max wrote. “Mention this post and my name in store to get 15% off EVERYTHING in store purchases!!!!!”

Meanwhile, Max and Chloe attended Fear Farm together this weekend, and they looked quite chummy:

Unexpected Max and Chloe back together

Earlier this week, Max was asked by an Instagram follower if he and Chloe are “still going strong,” and Max replied simply: “Yes.”

One person who was not buying into Max’s messages of positivity was Chloe’s mom Jessica. She posted in an Unexpected Facebook group soon after Max’s AA retreat post, and she shared some alleged texts between herself and Max’s dad Todd. Here is her post:

Wow! What a liar. He got kicked out of a 90 day rehab after just 10 days. Since he needs a higher level of care than they could provide and he was missing classes.

What a joke. Did anyone see his post 3 days ago about tanning?? Chloe was at work, he was staying at her apartment, but yet Ava was with me and my husband while Chloe is working cause she cant leave her with Max. But he can go tan!!! Must be nice to not have a job and be tanning.

Ridiculous that you feed into his lies. 33 days my ass! smh

And here are the text messages Jessica posted that are allegedly between her and Todd Schenzel, which look to be from earlier this month:

Unexpected texts between Chloe's mom Jessica Bowman and Max's dad Todd Schenzel texts

Jessica also shared a post on Instagram in which she addressed how her daughter Chloe didn’t seem to understand how serious Max’s addiction issues are:

Unexpected Chloe's mom Jessica explains why Chloe wasn't taking Max's drug addiction seriously

What do you think? Has Max finally gotten his addiction issues under control? Or is this just another example of him telling us (and himself) that things are peachy keen when the reality is something else completely?

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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