THE ULTIMATUM Who is April Marie’s new boyfriend Cody Cooper?

April Marie new boyfriend Cody

April and her new boyfriend Cody

Although April Marie Melohn’s relationship with Jake Cunningham imploded as a result of the couple appearing on the new Netflix show The Ultimatum, April said at the reunion that she was grateful for the experience because it helped her meet her current boyfriend. She’s only been in the relationship for a few months, but reports that she’s “never been more happy or felt more loved.” On Instagram, April revealed who her new boyfriend is: a real estate broker and vape vending machine owner named Cody Cooper.

When did April and Jake break up and April and Cody start dating?

The Ultimatum was filmed in spring 2021, and they taped the reunion almost a year later in March of 2022, so it sounds like April and Cody started dating around December 2021.

After taping for the show ended last year and Jake broke up with April in order to go traveling with Rae, April says she continued to live with Jake for a while. Jake and Rae never went traveling together, and Rae is now in a relationship with a woman. April said at the reunion that while she was still living with Jake she knew they were broken up, but things were still routine and “letting go is hard.”

At the end of 2021, April and Jake finally went their separate ways and April prepared to focus on herself and move in with a friend for a “hot girl winter.” Things didn’t exactly go as planned because April immediately met Cody and moved in with him right away. He also took her on a trip to Costa Rica within a month of meeting.

Life with Cody has been much different than April’s relationship with Jake. She says she’s finally getting the love and attention she has always craved. April says every morning and night Cody tells her that he can’t wait to marry her and that the situation doesn’t even feel real.

She feels at peace with Cody and feels like she’s finally in a healthy relationship. She’s even discussed having children with Cody already, which was a Hugh focus for her on the show.

Although doing The Ultimatum was tough on April at first, she’s now grateful for the experience and would do it again.

“I have never been so happy or felt so loved and I wouldn’t be here today without this experience,” April said at the reunion. “And I do have a lot of friends that have been in long-term relationships where one person is just kind of coasting because the other person can’t commit and it makes me wanna know how would they end up if they put their foot down and said, “Hey, marry me or I’m done.”? And I feel like a lot of those situations would end up like Alexis or Colby. I feel like I’m so confident in my current relationship that I feel like if I went through round two Ultimatum we would end up like you guys (Colby and Madlyn) or Alexis and Hunter.”

What does April’s boyfriend Cody Cooper do for a living?

Cody’s Instagram @cody.b.cooper reveals that he sells real estate in the Austin and Houston markets, but he’s also a business owner of at least two other businesses. One, a vape vending machine called Kwik Rip, seems to already up and running. He’s also promoting a men’s underwear line called Woodcox that is still in the early stages.

April works as a recruiter for tech companies.

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