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TLC’s teen pregnancy reality series Unexpected has featured several young dads with a propensity for saying things that the internet finds difficult to forget. (That was the nicest way I could thinK to say it.)

Following on the foot-in-mouth heels of Max Schenzel and Matthew Blevins is Season 5 dad, Jason Korpi. Jason, who is the boyfriend of pregnant Kylen Smith, had so many cringe-inducing quotes during the Season 5 Premiere that I decided to compile some of the best (aka worst) in a post. I’ve listed them below in the order that they were uttered during the episode.

Take it away, Jason!


“I have this sort of thing where I don’t like condoms and I don’t use them.”

Unexpected Kylen Jason quote I'm a professional rawdogger
“I’m wicked hyped to have a boy…I’m gonna raise him to be just like me.”

Jason: “They think I sit on the couch and play video games, but I literally don’t. I literally wake up at 6:00 every day and I’m out of bed, doing stuff.”
Jason’s Mom: “Jason, you’re not up when I get ready for work.”
Jason: “Not when I don’t have to be. If I don’t have to fricking wake up, you know damn well I’m gonna sleep!”

“There’s so many teen parents that literally get rich because when you start at a younger age, it’s way easier to achieve your goal.”
“I don’t like their opinions on my life ’cause it’s my life, and even if it’s the wrong thing, I’ll figure it out my way.”
“My dad told me to research about home births. But we think it’s dumb because we already know what it’s about. And that’s what we wanna do.”

(After Kylen explained that she would prefer to have her baby at a hospital instead of doing a home birth, partly because her family has a history of issues during childbirth.) “You just think that your birth is going to be the same as your family’s, but it’s not always gonna be that way. You could have, like, a painful-less birth and be fine.”

(Explaining why he is insisting Kylen have a home birth.) “Being at home is just better than a hospital. Just because I won’t be left out.”

To hear more of Jason’s memorable quotes, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Unexpected airing Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC!

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