Tyler Baltierra and Simon Saran feud over blind items on Hollywood Days and Nights

Tyler Baltierra and Simon Saran Twitter feud tweets

Another day, another Teen Mom Twitter feud! Yesterday we saw the ladies of Teen Mom 2 going at it in the form of co-stars Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry, and earlier today two of the gentlemen of Teen Mom OG unleashed on each other over a recent and a past blind item about cheating.

The whole thing got started when Tyler Baltierra took to Twitter to respond to a blind item posted yesterday on Crazy Days and Nights, which had many people speculating that it was about him and his wife, Catelynn Baltierra. Here’s is the blind item:

January 26, 2018 – This Teen Mom star has been cheating on his significant other for almost a year. Eventually, when she starts having a clear head she is going to catch on and that could finally push her over the edge to suicide.

It should be pointed out that Crazy Days and Nights has not revealed who the blind item is about. It should also be pointed out that the site previously posted a similar blind item back in 2016 and later did reveal that it was referring to Tyler and Catelynn:

August 18, 2016 – The MTV cameras have turned a blind eye to the cheating by this significant other of an OG Teen Mom because it doesn’t fit in the story line for this season for the couple.

Revealed February 12, 2017 – Tyler/Catelynn

In his response to the blind item, Tyler tagged @EntyLawyer, who runs Crazy Days and Nights. Then, for some reason, @EntyLawyer tagged Farrah and Simon — which appears to be what brought Simon into the fray. Things escalated quickly from there.

OK, that should get you all caught up! I’ve tried to compile all the relevant tweets for you, and I am including them below. It’s not fully chronological in that I have shifted some things around a bit to help the flow of the narrative. (Twitter battles can be so hard to follow!)

I will be quiet now and step out of the way…

Tyler Baltierra blind item tweets

TWEETER: care to share with the class why you are damn near losing your mind over this ??

TYLER: Oh I’m not losing my mind at all. Actually me & my fiends are all cracking up over here while we get to the bottom of this! We think it’s hilarious how many ignorant asinine people there actually are in this world ???

@EntyLawyer [Who runs Crazy Days and Nights]: I haven’t revealed anything about you in quite some time. You seem defensive though. Anything you care to share? cc: @F1abraham @SimonSaran

TWEETER: You better be careful, he is always correct on what he says. He’s prob about to seriously expose you

TYLER: OH NO! ??? I’m shaking in my boots! When you KNOW you didn’t do anything, it makes all of this way too much fun ???????

TWEETER: Enty has never be wrong or sued. There are legs to this story.

TYLER: If there are legs to this story, then I’m here to break some ankles hahaha ???

TWEETER: Tyler you are seriously panicking, makes you looks guilty AF ??

TYLER: A panicked person would keep their mouth shut & hope this all slides under the radar. Not me, I’m marching in & calling it all out! Because I have NOTHING to hide nor worry about ???

SIMON: Tyler do you want some attention? I can rip your a$$ a new one no problem

TYLER: Would you look at that! The fish bit the bait…how predictable. But yes, yes sir, if you must indulge & inflate your ego by “ripping my a$$ a new one” be my guest. I’m all ears lol ???

SIMON: Here’s not so much of blind item. Your shmuck of a wife chain smoking while she’s pregnant and you cheering her on like the punk b!tch you are. Hopefully your child didn’t develop and health issues. Irresponsible scum bags. #teenmomog @mjfree you are fantastic job! #TeenMomOG

TYLER: That’s you “ripping my a$$ a new one?” Seriously!? OMG I’m even more embarrassed for you than I was before hahaha ? I expected better from you Simon. You are losing your touch with insults! Come up with something good & original next time ???‍♂️?

SIMON: You are embarrassed for me? Dude you need to get your eyes checked. Look at what you have to stick your d*ck in to keep your story line going. If you actually cared about your “family” might get her to quit smoking while she’s pregnant.

TYLER: Are you for real with all that!? Coming from the dude that sleeps with Farrah & actually allowed that info to be filmed & aired for the world to see!? ??‍♂️ God you really have lost your touch with your insults. I’m gonna need a little more from you Simon. Try again!??‍♂️

SIMON: Farrah did what she had to do to support her baby as a single mother . Unlike your pu$$y a$$ who gave your child up. #TeenMomOG

TWEETER: Wow! ? That’s low, even for you.

SIMON: Lol you fans are hilarious. But it’s okay to call farrah a wh0re and call Sophia an devil child? I mean damn when did everyone get so sensitive. We are just having fun here. #TeenMomOG

SIMON: He knows what he walked in to. Im just getting started.

TYLER: OH NO! ?? not the ol’ “gave your baby away” insult!? I have never heard that one before ? I thought I said to be original Simon. You swingin, but that don’t mean anything if you keep missing. You end up just wasting your energy & start getting sloppy with it. Take a break bud!

TWEETER: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Nobody can MAKE anyone do anything, unless you are there hearing what Tyler has said to her how do you know he hasn’t tried to make her quit? Grow up!

SIMON: A horse would be a compliment

Tyler Baltierra Simon Saran tweet

SIMON: I would be cringing also if I were in your shoes! Every day, every night!

TYLER: Omg! Still!? It’s like arguing with a child lmao! The more you talk the more embarrassing you look…please don’t stop ???‍♂️???

SIMON: How do you know what it’s like to argue with a child?

TWEETER [referring to Simon]: Pretty sure he had a successful career in real estate long before mtv came around.

TWEETER: What is a successful career when you’re a sh*tty person? Does money justify being an a$$hole for absolutely no reason ??

TWEETER: Really! If he’s so successful he would not of dated Farrah!! His business is going down!! He wanted the publicity for his business!

SIMON: Keep telling yourself that

TWEETER: I could careless! I was actually on your side felt bad for you. Then you go and attack an innocent cple @TylerBaltierra for no reason. I really gave you the benefit of the doubt especially after I watched your special. WHY

SIMON: I attack? Really? You should go back and check the thread

TWEETER: Exactly he had to try to get money somewhere . Farrah treated him like sh!t and he still stayed ?? YOUR A JOKE & trying to come at Tyler, He’s more of a man then you’ll ever be!! YOUR the TRASH !!

Simon Saran money cash tweet

TWEETER: Simon WTF is wrong with you? YOU sound like an 11 year old boy telling Mom jokes!

TYLER: ?????

TWEETER: Tyler get him. Annihilate him.

TYLER: Oh I don’t have to, he does a good enough job by himself HAHAHA! ??

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