TLC UNEXPECTED Are Emiley and Diego still together? Plus, photos of their baby daughter Aria! SPOILERS

TLC Unexpected Emiley Noack Diego Reyes and their daughter Aria

On Season 2 of TLC’s teen pregnancy reality series Unexpected, viewers got to meet 18-year-old expectant mom Emiley Noack as she struggles to keep her relationship with the baby’s father, 17-year-old Diego Reyes, intact — something she is having great difficulty with thanks to Diego’s horrible attitude and seemingly unending supply of disrespect for everyone around him. So what happened to the couple? Are they still together after the birth of their child?

First up, I will spoil all of you with some details on the baby! Emiley gave birth to her and Diego’s daughter Aria on Valentine’s Day. Aria arrived at 9:05AM, weighed 6lbs, 3oz, and measured 20 inches. Here are a couple of photos of Emiley just after she was born:

TLC Unexpected Emiley baby Aria

“Hands down the best valentines gift, miss,” mom Emiley captioned the Instagram gallery of newborn photos including the two above. “Aria Beckett Reyes was born at 9:05 this morning. She weighs a whole 6 pounds and 3 ounces and is 20 inches tall! So far she loves making funny faces and sticking her tongue out at daddy! And holding everyone’s fingers. We couldn’t ask for a more perfect amazing beautiful daughter! Mommy & Daddy love you Aria Beckett?”

And just in case you were wondering if Diego showed up for the birth, the answer is yes. And he came prepared! Here he is with the proper equipment for catching a line drive in the delivery room:

TLC Unexpected Diego birth of his daughter Aria

As far as whether or not Emiley and Diego are still together, the answer to that is a little unclear. The two posed for photos and recorded videos together on social media as recently as June 19, but other than an interview with a local news station to promote the show last week, I couldn’t find a single photo or video of Emiley and Diego together since that time.

That could very well be because they have been instructed by show producers to keep their relationship status on the down-low, but that’s a little out of character considering how much leeway the Unexpected moms have previously been given as far as updating fans via social media — including YouTube channels.

UPDATE – Emiley confirmed on the Unexpected Tell All that she and Diego broke up weeks before taping, which took place in August.

Speaking of that, Emiley has her own YouTube channel, which she used to share with Diego. Here are the two of them in their last video together (aside from behind-the-scenes clips from their interview) in which they answered fan questions:

And here’s a video from a few weeks ago in which Emilee and Aria enjoy a mother/daughter day together:

I like Emiley a lot — she seems like a very smart and very nice girl. I kinda like Diego to a certain extent, but his perpetually snide attitude is just as insufferable to me as it is to Emiley’s mom. I was sincerely hoping that the birth of his child would humble him a bit and allow him to mature enough to tone down that unsavory aspect of his personality, because he otherwise seems like a pretty smart and funny dude.

To find out if Diego matures enough to make his relationship with Emiley work, then you wil have to do like I am planning to do and tune in for new episodes of Unexpected airing Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC!

Oh, and you can also keep up with Emily and Diego in real time on their various social media accounts:

Emiley on Instagram: @emiley.noack
Emiley on Twitter: @emiley_noack
Emiley on Facebook
Emily on YouTube
Diego on Instagram: @33diego_reyes
Diego on Facebook

One last parting photo of Emiley, Diego, and their daughter Aria:

TLC Unexpected Emiley and Diego with their baby daughter Aria

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