Tina Hight speaks out about Kristina Robinson and her son John Todd Hight Jr.

16 and Pregnant Kristina Robinson and fiance John Todd Hight Jr

The fourth season of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant features the emotional story of Kristina Robinson, whose fiance John Todd Hight, Jr. drowned while swimming with her and some friends off the beaches of Galveston, Texas on April 30, 2011.

As we mentioned in a previous post, Todd’s mother Tina Hight has been using his Facebook wall to post her feelings about his passing. The posts are just as heart-breaking as you would imagine as she wrestles with the loss of her 19-year-old son. But, not long after Kristina gives birth to her son Lukas Todd, Tina’s posts develop more of a frustrated tone as Kristina moves on with another man (She became engaged to TJ Head in December and the two reportedly got married in March of 2012) and appears to not be letting Tina and the rest of Todd Jr.’s family see the baby much at all. Tina even goes as far as to suggest that perhaps her son’s drowning wasn’t an accident!

Tina’s harsh words have drawn a good deal of attention since our post, including a recent article in Star magazine. We spoke with Tina Hight recently and she expressed a desire to address what she had written on her son’s Facebook wall. Here is her statement:

“I didn’t mean for my words of venting to my son to hurt Kristina or be twisted. I find that there are a lot of heartless people in this world. I love Kristina and have always told her to let me know if anything I vented hurt her so that I could have the chance to word things perfectly. She never gave me the chance.

“I found out about her seeing someone in a store in our town, then my oldest son and his wife came and told me. Kristina had changed her number and I feel that I got to see my grandson only for MTV and my son and daughter in law. I have only see Lil Todd #2 [Lukas Todd] four times. She is trying to keep the baby from all of us, and it isn’t fair.

16 and Pregnant Kristina Robinson's fiance John Todd Hight Jr“I have never held her responsible for my son being gone, but I have always blamed her family, and at first so did she. All I meant was that he didn’t want to go on this trip and she knew that. He went because he loves her and didn’t want to disappoint her.

“She has stopped me from going for the final show with Dr.Drew, but that’s fine too. She can’t stop the fact that I love Lil Todd #2, that’s forever. I wish she had talked to me and given me a chance to understand her side, but I have found that my side and John Todd Hight, Jr.’s family don’t matter. The only ones that matter are the ones that Kristina couldn’t stand when my son was here.

“I want her and my grandson to have the bond that I have with my children. Thank You and God Bless you for the kind words…our loss and pain is forever.

“We feel the prayers and ask for everyone to keep praying, as we are constantly praying also.”

This is a very difficult situation for everyone I’m sure. Tina and her family just want the ability to interact with little Lukas Todd and Kristina probably wants to move on and put the tragedy behind her as much as possible. The important thing is that they communicate – which Tina Hight seems willing to do.

Thanks to Tina for taking the time to talk with us.

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