16 & PREGNANT Jordan Cashmyer shares new photo, defends daughter’s dad Derek

16 and Pregnant Jordan Cashmyer update

16 And Pregnant Season 5 mom Jordan Cashmyer and her daughter Genevieve’s father Derek Taylor were homeless in Baltimore during taping of their episode in 2014, and things didn’t get any better for Jordan after.

The young mom was hospitalized after expressing suicidal thoughts not long after the episode aired, and she later checked herself into a rehabilitation facility to help with her alcohol and drug addictions.

In July of last year it was revealed that Jordan was advertising herself on multiple escort websites in the Baltimore area, and she was soon after reported missing by her rather unstable mother Kari — a claim that Jordan would later deny. “I am currently working on myself and my recovery, and am actually very happy with my life right now,” she revealed.

Jordan has remained on social media since debunking the “missing” reports, but is has mostly just been the occasional tweet, Snapchat clips, and just two Instagram photos of herself with a much older man named Keith Boyer posted in January:

Jordan Cashmyer boyfriend Keith Boyer

Jordan captioned the PDA images with some humble confessions about herself, as well as praise for Keith and the positive impact he was having on her life:

I’m not a perfect person, not even close. I’m stubborn and selfish, controlling and possessive. I make a lot of stupid decisions and don’t understand my actions sometimes but this man has seen, dealt with, helped and loved me through my worst. He has completely changed my feelings about love and life. I’m so proud of this him and feel incredibly blessed to be able to call him “mine”. I’ve kept my joy of posting our life together because of other people and they’re negativity. I’m so happy were at a point in our relationship that irrelevant outsiders arent going to effect us. I love you babe❤

Fast forward seven months and we now have a brand new image of Jordan — a bathroom mirror selfie (at the top of the post) which she captioned by writing “Merry?merry?merry?go around….”

In addition to the new photo, Jordan took to Twitter for a series of uncharacteristically verbose tweets in which she defended her four-year-old daughter Genevieve’s father Derek as she argued that he was inaccurately portrayed on 16 And Pregnant and has been a great dad. The conversation was actually sparked by Jordan’s tweet back in March in which she revealed that she was watching her episode “to remind myself of the horrible mistakes I’ve made.” That tweet got a response from one of Jordan’s followers just a couple weeks ago that called out Derek for not being supportive, which put Jordan on the defensive.

Here is the full conversation:
JORDAN: Watching the episode to remind myself of the horrible mistakes I’ve made…..i couldn’t be more angry with myself right now.
JORDAN: There is a select few of people who have the right to judge or change their perception of me for the person I’ve and the horrible decisions I’ve made….my parents and my child father. That is it. Anyone else….you’re judgement is irrelevant.

TWEET: I have also just rewatched your episode. No wonder you crumbled. You looked too scared of D to say anything to him and you took the weight of the world on your shoulders. I feel so bad for you. He gets to be with your daughter when he didn’t do Jack for her. You’re a strong woman.
JORDAN: Okay, I’m gonna stop you there. I appreciate you taking my “side” but I need to correct this. I was never scared or Derek. He did a lot for her, Derek is and always has been an excellent father and he was an excellent boyfriend. He gets to be with her because I haven’t been there.

TWEET: You should not be angry at yourself. You did yourself proud. Your baby daddy should be feeling guilty for what you went through. You took so much BS. So strong. I hope you get everything on the right path with your daughter. You’re such a beautiful person. Don’t let it change you
JORDAN: He stepped up as a parent when I didn’t. I absolutely should be angry at myself and I am. I made a choice that shouldn’t have been made. He tried very hard to keep things right and I only got worse.

TWEET: I can’t comment on anything that happened after that episode as I don’t know but I’m just saying from what I seen on the show YOU were the only one who was doing any stepping up. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You went through hell and if you didn’t go through that then maybe…
JORDAN: Dont believe everything you see it hear (hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil) there is always more to a story, especially when put on television. Derek was and still is an amazing father, he did NOTHING wrong, the way he was portrayed is completely inaccurate and just downright wrong and pitiful to the network. The only person who was fake, wrong, and just damn ridiculous was sugar. She was not like that at all, neither was anyone associated with her. But it was made to look as if she was not her Theresa and Derek was Satans spawn which was and is so f**king angering, disappointing, and just WRONG. Derek was more than I ever could’ve asked for and I thank God every single day that he is the father to my child. So please do not slander someone if you only know and have seen one side.

TWEET: You wouldn’t have made the bad choices that you did. If he’s stepped up since that’s great but the behaviour viewers watched off him is unacceptable. I know it’s hard as he has your daughter so you have to have his side for your daughters sake. I get that x

TWEET: I just found it so distressing to watch you struggle the way you did while you were pregnant. My heart went out to you. I really hope you can put your life on the right path now. Every little girl needs they’re mom just as much as they need dad. Everybody makes mistakes x
JORDAN: Anyone would find that distressing but him and I figured sh*t out, always. With or without the show, we were, at least to my knowledge, very happy. We were happier figuring things out and being in love than having everything in the world and not liking each other.

TWEET: I can 100% relate. Money definitely don’t buy happiness but being pregnant is scary enough without adding being a teen mom and homelessness into the mix. I’ve shared certain similar life experiences with you and I guess that’s why it got to me as much as it did the second time around. I’m pleased to hear that he’s not the villian that he was portrayed to be. Believe me. That’s such a better outcome for you all. It’s a shame you didn’t work things out as a family as it seems that you still hold him dear. Yes rightly so as it is your daughters father x

Speaking of Derek, he still updates followers on how he and Genevieve are doing on his Twitter account. Here’s a tweet from just last month in which Genevieve seems to clearly be “livin’ my best life:”

We are so glad to get an update from Jordan that wasn’t alarming in some way, and we continue to wish her well on getting her life back together and finding a way to be a positive part of her daughter’s life.

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