The Viral YouTube video featuring Chris Brown’s ‘Forever’ that The Office recreated for Jim and Pam’s wedding

Viral wedding dance video that inspired the Pam and Jim wedding on The Office

Tonight NBC aired the much-anticipated Jim and Pam marriage, and it had a sweet twist right in line with the rest of Jam’s relationship. I won’t spoil that little morsel of adorableness, but I will spill about the signature Office goofiness that also took place at the sitcom wedding of the century. They recreated the famous, viral “Best Wedding Entrance Ever” YouTube video that was played a trillion-and-a-half times in office everywhere.

Here’s the original internet sensation. I’ll post clips of the Jim and Pam version when they become available.

UPDATE! The clip is available! CLICK HERE to check it out and relive the LOLs!

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Wedding photos of Jim and Pam from The Office