Kim Zolciak talks about Kandi, A.J. and Big Poppa break-up

Kim Zolciak speaks about Kandi, A.J. and Big Papa Poppa

Kim Zolciak told that despite all of their bad blood, the Atlanta Housewives have come together to support Kandi as she deasl with the death of her ex-fiance, Ashely, A.J. Jewell. Kim says she’s realized that because life is precious, it doesn’t matter that Sheree pulled her wig. She’s also surprised at the the level of harmony the feuding girls have achieved during this difficult time:

“We were able to put all our stuff on the back burner and come together for Kandi. It’s not something that I ever thought would happen, no matter how tragic the situation.”

Kim’s quick to remind us that she thinks this sad situation is all about her, saying that she regrets not returning A.J.’s call days before his death. Kim has little to say about how Kandi’s doing, but does say that Kandi’s spending a lot of private time with her mom, which is to be expected. This is a really touch situation for Kandi, and it’s kind opportunistic of Kim to paint herself as a solid friend.

On the show Kandi was upset and felt a bit used after she worked extremely hard helping turn Kim’s off-key, smoker’s screech into a catchy dance tune, and Kim didn’t even show up to watch Kandi perform at a local club. Kim says she didn’t show because her daughter Brielle was sick. On this week’s show, Kand, always the reasonable one, seemed understandably skeptical about Kim’s excuse, but Kim, as always, stands by her weak explanations.

In the Essence interview, the attention-hungry Barbie girl also spoke about why she finally ended (again) her “merry-go-round” situation with Big Poppa:

I am not engaged to Big Papa! I got a commitment ring last year and so when I got this new ring, I was led to believe that his divorce was final. Who gives someone a massive rock and makes this commitment if he wasn’t serious? I found out that I was still on the same merry-go-round.

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The Atlanta housewives reunion was supposed to be filmed this Wednesday, but it’s been postponed due to the circumstances. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kandi, the sanest and most talented “Housewife,” as she navigates this difficult time.

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