PHOTOS Chris Brown’s new head tattoo of Venus by Antonio Canova

Chris Brown head Tattoo Venus

Singer Chris Brown seems to have embraced the notion that two heads are better than one as he went under the needle once again to get a large tattoo of the head of Antonio Canova’s Venus sculpture on the back of his noggin.

Chris tweeted and deleted the photo above, but the internet does not forget! Plus, it helps that Chris Brown’s tattoo artist also shared a photo of the new artwork in progress:

TMZ speculated that the tattoo looked like the famous Greek statue Venus de Milo, but I did a little research and discovered that it looks more like another Venus statue by 18th-19th Century Italian sculptor Antonio Canova. This would make sense given that the Getty Villa museum in Pacific Palisades, California has a replica of Canova’s Venus statue that is quite well known as the “touch statue” which the museum encourages visitors to actually put their hands on and feel.

Here is a photo of the statue and the plate beside it:

The only statue that you are allowed to touch ? #pleasetouch #getty @gillweeinn @calebleechii @littleashl

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Here are some side-by-side-by-side photos of the Getty Villa Venus and Chris Brown’s tattoo:

Chris Brown Venus tattoo on the back of his head

I suppose it would make sense that Chris would be inspired by a statue located nearby, especially one that he was able to lay his hands on. 😉

And for comparison’s sake, and to show that all Venus statues do not look alike (or perhaps that they do — depending on the viewer), here is the famous Venus de Milo for comparison:

Venus de Milo statue Louvre

So what do you think of Chris Brown’s ink ode to Venus?

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