The Situation has a girlfriend! Guess who?

Jersey Shore fans haven’t seen much of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s dating life. Although he’s had several hook-ups, he has never had a girlfriend at the shore. However, he has had some long-term booty calls and one of them has reportedly turned into his girlfriend! That’s right; Mike is going to be in a relationship on Jersey Shore season 6!

Who’s the lucky lady? Drumroll please.. Paula Pickard from last season! Mike has always said she was his favorite Seaside hook-up and even mentioned making her his girlfriend last season, but after filming, they parted ways. Now that Season 6 has begun, the two have picked right back up where they left off.

According to Wetpaint, Mike asked Paula to be his girlfriend at Rivoli’s Restaurant just days ago. It seems as if relationships are taking over the Shore House. Ronnie and Sammi are together (but have been seen arguing), Snooki is engaged to her baby daddy, JWoww and Roger are going strong, and Deena and her boyfriend are also still dating. That only leaves Pauly and Vinny! Luckily, they have one of the strongest bromances of all time!

Paula seems great for Mike and he’s always said he had a special spot for her – and not just in his bed. Now that he is sober, this could actually be a great thing for him, but will it last after he leaves Seaside? Deena and Sammi are Team Paula, as they revealed last season, and so are we! She’s adorable and seems to bring out a softer side of Mike we don’t get usually see. Plus, after seeing how he was last year, the guy certainly could benefit from getting laid. He even seemed a bit lonely last season so we are glad he’s found someone to lean his head on!

Mike and Paula may live happily ever after but will Jersey Shore be the same without all the hook-ups and awkward walks of shame?!