Creeper lived in Jennifer Lopez’s guest home for nearly one week without detection

Jennifer Lopez John Dubis Creeper
Jennifer Lopez is one undeniably busy lady. But, you’d still think someone on her team would notice when an unapproved guy shacked up in her guest home for six days, right? Apparently not.

John Dubis, who went by the online pseudonym “David A. Lopez” and claimed to be the singer’s ex-husband, allegedly hid out in plain sight at J. Lo’s Hamptons home. The New York Post reported the 49-year-old former fireman moved into the property’s guest house in early August. Remarkably, no one bothered to ask questions for nearly one week — even though he was seen by neighbors and parked his car in the driveway!

“Oh, my, come to think of it, I did find it odd when I saw a man standing outside her driveway with the gate closed,” said neighbor Nancy Haverman to The New York Post. “I figured he was just part of her security crew… It’s really frightening — you don’t want to be a celebrity. I’m telling you, it’s a curse. I just hope [J.Lo] gets to enjoy this place just like everybody else.”

When Jennifer’s security team finally discovered the trespasser, he claimed the be the father of her children and said she left the pool house open for him. He was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

John Dubis J. Lo StalkerWhat was really creepy about the whole incident was that this wasn’t the first time John Dubis popped up on J. Lo’s security radar: He was charged with stalking and burglary earlier this year after calling Jennifer’s mom and claiming to be her son. (It’s not clear whether he claimed to be Jennifer’s son or her mother’s son… But, it’s weird either way.)

While camping out at Casa de Lopez, Dubis also posted bizarre messages and pictures online.

“Some more david and jenny art, Newport, RI,” he wrote in one case.

Although Dubis’ presence was entirely unwelcome, he did put his time in Jennifer’s guest house to good use: He supposedly did some landscaping in a neglected part of the singer’s yard.

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