VIDEO Shia LaBeouf beaten up by chubby hairy shirtless dude on streets of Vancouver

Shia LaBeouf with a funny surprised look on his face

Actor Shia LaBeouf found out Canada’s nonviolent reputation is a bit exaggerated after he got the got the crap beat out of him outside the Cinema Public House in Vancouver, British Columbia last week. The altercation, which featured a rather hefty, shirtless, and hairy man with large fists, was captured on video and of course has found its way to the web!

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In the clip you can see the tail end of the brawl in which Shia is laying on the sidewalk as the shirtless Ch-Ch-Chia LaBeefy finishes up his smackdown before stumbling backwards. Shia appears to want to continue pummeling the mystery burly man’s fists with his face, but his friends hold him back yelling, “You gotta lay low right now!” (I think letting him continue to fight would have guaranteed he got laid low!)

Shia is currently in Vancouver working on the film The Company You Keep and a rep for Cinema Public House tells TMZ Shia has been a regular since he’s been in town. (I dunno – it looked to me like he was filming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – hiyooooooo!) Although the details surrounding what started the argument are sketchy, sources for TMZ say the two got into it inside the Cinema Public House bar before being asked to take it outside. It was then that the man removed his shirt and went Megatron all over Shia.

My theory? I think the mystery shirtless man was none other than lunatic fugitive Randy Quaid and the fight started because of an argument about which was better: Transformers or Christmas Vacation. It appears as though the two reached the right conclusion.

Photo: Patricia Schlein/WENN

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