Frances Bean Cobain shows off tattoos in gorgeous new Hedi Slimane photo shoot

Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love is all grown up and looking goregous! (Hopefully she’s emotionally stable as well, her adolescence has seemed to more more tortuous than most with her mom blasting their personal business all over Facebook and Twitter, and other unique-to-her circumstances that probably amplified adolescence’s confusing turbulence.)

Bean turns 19 soon, inherited millions from her father’s estate last year, and now it looks like she might have a future modeling career. These stunning black-and-whites turned up on designer Hedi Slimane‘s website last month, and the world is rapt at how quickly she grew up into a lovely, sexy young woman.

The lady also has a few interesting tattoos to show off. Here’s a list of the tattoos and their meanings:

1. Inner, upper right and left arms feature a quote from the Jeff Buckley song “Grace.” The first two verses are on her left arm, and the last in on her right:

“There’s the moon asking to stay
Long enough for the clouds to fly me away
Well it’s my time coming, I’m not afraid to die.”


Jeff buckely Frances Bean Cobain Jeff Buckley Tattoo

2. Along with the Buckley quote, Frances also as a cartoon character on her right arm. It’s a cartoon character named Seymour Sunshine, created by Al Columbia.

3. On Frances’ right shoulder, she has a photo of gay icon and English humorist Quentin Crisp:

4. Across the middle of her back is a quote in French. It’s reported to be an inelegant translation of the English phrase “Art is the solution to chaos” rather than a French phrase of it’s own right, but it’s still beautiful, and has a lovely meaning.

Here’s a photo of that tattoo fresh:

5. Flower tattoo on left wrist, which matches the various Cherry Blossom tattoos her mom has all over her body. Frances got hers first, when she was 15, and has two petals coming off the flower. Frances also has a star tattoo on her hand:

Some other photos from the shoot where tattoos are not visible:

Frances Bean Cobain sexy

Frances Bean Cobain modeling smoldering

Nirvana’s Nevermind celebrates it’s 20th anniversary September 24th this year. Wonder what Frances has planned to celebrate?

Last August (2010) Frances, who was emancipated at 17, actually became a successful artist when she hosted as anonymous show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood, under the pseudonym Fiddle Tim. Apparently all of the pieces of grotesque drawings from the show titled “Scumf**k” sold before the identify of Fiddle Tim was revealed.

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