THE DUGGARS Jessa Seewald baby number 5 birth plan

19 Kids and Counting star Jessa Seewald is spilling all the details on her pregnancy and birth plan for baby number 5.

Keep reading to watch the YouTube video and find out if the conservative Duggar is having a home birth, an epidural, and so much more…

Jessa Seewald pregnancies

Jessa Seewald is the 5th Duggar child of Jim Bob and Michelle, stars of 19 Kids and Counting and its spin off Counting On. She is married to Ben Seewald, a Calvinist, and shares 4 children with him currently.

Boys Spurgeon and Henry were both named after famous Christians, and daughters Ivy and Fern are named after plant life. It is safe to say that baby number 5 will have a name that falls into this chosen pattern.

Yes, Jessa Duggar Seewald is pregnant with baby number 5 due on December 22, 2023. This baby, whose gender is a secret, will be a rainbow baby – one born after a loss – as Jessa’s prior pregnancy ended in a dramatic miscarriage around Christmas 2022.

Jessa says she knows the sex of baby number 5 but that they will continue to refer to them as “the baby” until the surprise reveal after its birth.

Duggar birth plan

Even though the Duggars are known for championing home birth, Jessa is spilling the tea about her birth plan and it “definitely” involves a hospital. In fact, she’s also planning on having an epidural. Watch the YouTube video Baby Q&A here:

Jessa’s mom Michelle and several of her sisters/sisters-in-law have opted for long, painful home births with no drugs or assistance. In fact, Jessa delivered her first child this way – though she’s always ended up in the hospital eventually for excessive bleeding.

For her last birth with daughter Fern, Jessa said she was yelling for the anesthesiologist to give her all he’s got!

I kept telling the anesthesiologist “pump it up, I can still feel this!” when I was pushing so he pumped it up and then I could not even feel my legs for like two hours after. So I didn’t feel any of those post partum cramps for like two hours!

AUDIO Michelle Duggar’s 911 call after Jessa Seewald gave birth

As for if this will be her last child, Jessa Seewald says that she has said that she is “done” in the past but that she always changes her mind.

I 100% think children are a blessing from God, but I do think it’s okay to manage that blessing.

Jessa has been detailing her pregnancy on YouTube since she announced it, so we are excited to follow this all the way through the the hospital delivery! Congrats to Ben and Jessa on their upcoming bundle of joy!

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