Duggar Digest: Anna Duggar shares wedding advice, Derick Dillard’s mom resumes chemo and Jessa Duggar talks about the earth’s age


On tonight’s episodes of 19 Kids and Counting, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar celebrate their big 3-0 wedding anniversary by — what else? — going on a triple date with Jessa, Jill and their beaus. Later, Jessa and Ben Seewald practice their own parenting skills during an outing with the younger Duggar kids.

Up in Washington D.C., Josh Duggar tries to jumpstart his fitness by running a 5K. (My most memorable Duggar moment is the scene from a few seasons back where Jim Bob and some of the boys run a 5K in jeans.)

Anna Duggar shares wedding advice

Josh Duggar - Anna Duggar Wedding

In real-time, the Duggars are back from the Value Voters Conference in D.C. and doing some final preparation work before Jessa and Ben marry on Nov. 1. In a new video posted her brother-in-law, Anna Duggar advises soon-to-be brides like Jessa to keep the bigger picture in mind when planning for a wedding.

In the video with sister Priscilla Waller, Anna shared a specific anecdote about getting ready to marry Josh Duggar six years ago.

“I remember when I was at the very beginning of my wedding plans and someone had come in and didn’t talk to me, but talked to my parents,” Anna said, explaining her parents went on to make a big decision about the wedding without asking her. “I remember, like, being a little upset and thinking, ‘That’s not fair. I’m supposed to be able to make those decisions.’ And then God convicted me that pride is reserving for myself the right to make the final decision.”

Anna said that after that she always made a point of remembering that her wedding day is all about God, not her.

Derick Dillard’s mom, Cathy Dillard Byrum, resumes chemotherapy

Derick Dillard's Mom Cathy Dillard

Jill Dillard’s mother-in-law continued to proactively fight against the return of her non-Hodgkin Lymphoma last week by resuming chemotherapy. She explained on Twitter that she is still in remission, but doctors say another “rigorous round of chemo” will reduce her chance of relapse from by 40 percent.

Derick revealed his mother’s battle with cancer in June, explaining she was too ill to attend his rehearsal dinner. Fortunately, Cathy was able to make it to Derick and Jill’s wedding the following day. She went into remission later in the summer, just in time to celebrate the news she is to be a grandmother for the first time.

Jessa Duggar talks about the earth’s age


If there really was a worldwide flood (as the Bible speaks of), what would the evidence be? Billions of dead things buried in rock layers, laid down by water, all over the earth. And that's exactly what we find. Billions of dead things buried in rock layers, laid down by water, all over the earth. An Evolutionist and a Creationist will look at the same thing, but come to different conclusions because of their different starting points.

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Following up her controversial post from the Holocaust museum and her visit to The Creation Museum, Jessa shared links to an Answers in Genesis article that argues the earth is “about 6,000 years old.”

The article goes to great lengths to explain radiometric dating, why it isn’t reliable and how new studies from the RATE Group (a subsidiary of the Institute for Creation Research) point to a “young earth.” The author concludes, “The best way to learn about history and the age of the earth is to consult the history book of the universe — the Bible.”

Naturally, Jessa was derided by some on social media and defended by many more.

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