The Bachelor 15 spoilers: Did Brad Womack spend Thanksgiving with Chantal O’Brien?


Blogger Reality Steve is notorious for spoiling seasons of The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette, but he has also been proven wrong a few notable times.

He nailed The Bachelor 14 with Jake Pavelka, and his chosen girl Vienna Girardi, but he fumbled with the ending of The Bachelorette 6 with Ali Fedotowsky, claiming that she chose no one, when she actually chose Roberto Martinez (and is still with him.) Despite the last part, he did get all the details right leading up to the very last moment of Ali’s season.

It seems like the producers tried really hard to hide Ali’s final decision, and there is now speculation that they’re trying their best this season to throw RS off their trail.

Reality Steve has already named the girl Brad chose, Chantal O’Brien, while in South Africa and claims that they spent Thanksgiving together with Chantal’s family in an exclusive part of Palm Desert called The Hideaways (Chantal’s dad reportedly flew them out there.)

Here’s what RS said:

I know this season I’m right. How do I know this? Because on Thanksgiving, Brad was in Palm Desert, California with Chantal and her family celebrating Thanksgiving with them. The O’Brien family is not hurting for money, dad even owns a private jet, they own a vacation home in an exclusive part of Palm Desert called the Hideaways, and that’s where Brad and Chantal spent Thanksgiving with her family.

Even though RS was wrong about the exact outcome to Ali’s Season, he did know that it was down to Chris and Roberto, and that Chris went home, so it was Roberto or no one. He was really in the dark about whether it was Roberto or no one, and from what he knew, decided it was no one. Just like most spoilers, you can take them with a grain of salt, but with Reality Steve, don’t make your grain of salt too big.

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