Ke$ha’s classy jewelry line, Kesha Rose, includes some phallic charms

Kesha Rose by Charles Albert
Jewelry is generally designed to add an air of elegance to an ensemble. Unfortunately, Ke$ha seems to have missed that memo when she was designing her jewelry line, Kesha Rose by Charles Albert. How else would you explain necklaces, rings, earrings and charms adorned with penises?

The reasonably priced phallic charms aren’t the only outlandish items Ke$ha provides. Other stranger offerings include gold teeth and skull pendants. The gold penis motif just stands out as the most unusual.

Ke$ha Rose Penis Jewelry
Of course, Ke$ha isn’t the first to design some scandalous jewelry. Her competition just happens to XXX stores that also carry bachelorette party essentials such as “bl0w job straws” and genitalia-shaped ice cube trays.

Although I don’t really see the appeal, Charles Albert‘s website reports the phallic jewelry is already selling out. (I assume Jenelle bought a share of Ke$ha’s line without even caring what she ordered. Plus, the penis earrings could pair well with the feathers in her hair.)

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