VIDEO Amber Portwood watches her 16 and Pregnant audition clip on Getting To Know Amber

Getting To Know Amber Portwood 16 and Pregnant audition tape

In the fourth preview clip from MTV’s series of “Getting To Know…” Teen Mom OG catch-up specials airing this Saturday we get the special treat of not only getting to see Amber Portwood’s 16 and Pregnant audition video (recorded by ex Gary Shirley), but we get to watch it with Amber!

The audition tape was recorded when Amber was only 3 months pregnant, and you can hear cameraman Gary asking the questions. Here’s what we see in the clip:

Describe your relationship with the baby’s father.

We fight a lot. He’s sort of an a***ole sometimes, and not very sweet.

Has your relationship changed since you found out you were pregnant?

Well, I mean, we’re moving on together and I’m finally getting him out of his mom’s house at the age of 21.

How did your parents react?

First I told my mom. I called her up and she was with her boyfriend out eating and I said, ‘please get home because I need to tell you something.’ And she said, ‘You better not be effing pregnant!’ At first she was like [BLEEP] of course, because she hates him — my mom hates him.

Describe the day you found out you were pregnant.

I start bawling my eyes out and fell to the floor. I came home and I called Gary, and he was shocked I guess.

“I was so [BLEEP]ing mean,” today’s Amber says after watching the clip. “I was a bad kid. I really was,” she adds. Amber then explains that when the casting person called her back she thought it was fake. “I didn’t think it was real,” she says. “They didn’t have a name for it yet because it was a pilot for it. So when I did it, I didn’t take it serious.”

Be sure to tune in Saturday, February 21 for the full “Getting To Know Amber” special to join Amber in reliving her and Gary’s emotional MTV roller coaster ride over the years on 16 and Pregnant and four seasons of Teen Mom. Amber’s special airs twice — once during the day at 1/12c and another evening showing at 9/8c. Here is a complete list of air times for all of the Teen Mom OG “Getting To Know…” specials with links to the preview clips:

12/11AMc Getting To Know Catelynn – Catelynn and Tyler relive their decision to give their baby up for adoption, and everything that followed.

1/12c Getting To Know Amber – Amber and Gary reflect on the years documented by MTV, and discuss her drug addiction, going to jail and the custody of Leah.

2/1c Getting To Know Maci – Maci and her friends examine the past six years and discuss the difficulties of growing up in front of an audience.

3/2c Getting To Know Farrah – Farrah’s family and friends share their feelings about her involvement in the adult entertainment industry, and the hardships following Sophia’s father’s death.


8/7c Getting To Know Catelynn
9/8c Getting To Know Amber
10/9c Getting To Know Maci
11/10c Getting To Know Farrah

Teen Mom OG is set to premiere Monday, March 23 at 10/9c on MTV.

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