Simon Saran on Farrah Abraham: ‘She likes the fake life…She will forever be alone’

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran fighting

Farrah Abraham’s ex Simon Saran continues to exhibit a complete lack of hold back as he responds to some of Farrah’s recent comments about him with his usual candor. But Farrah isn’t the only one Simon makes room for beneath the bus as he also manages to once again toss Teen Mom OG producers under there as well.

The latest episode of “Simon Says” began after Simon was approached by Us Weekly about a story on the cease and desist letter that Farrah sent him. In the article, Farrah tells Us Weekly: “I’m no longer trying to be cordial or friends with my ex,” before then alleging that Simon has been “ruining business deals” and “stalking [her on] social media.”

Farrah’s comments iterate one of her tweets from her recent bitter Twitter battle with Simon. “I’m happy I get to travel the world and meet great people unlike you at home stalking my dates and social,” Farrah wrote. She added: “Thank me for making you! Jealous ?”

“I’ve clearly moved on and she’s bitter,” Simon said in reference to the stalking claims. And it took him very little time to reload and unleash on the second part of the tweet in which Farrah says that she made him. “You made me?” Simon asked incredulously. “How? You went from selling dildos and finger banging equipment to having a high end furniture store front I put on for you.”

Simon Saran and Farrah Abraham feud quote


Farrah continued her reflections on Simon with Us Weekly:

“There’s a lot I’ve been through with him and his actions now are embarrassing,” Abraham, who has a daughter, Sophia, 8, adds of her on-again, off-again boyfriend. “If he wanted to be with me, he had the opportunity, but instead he missed his chance. [He’s been] saying lies about me, my parenting and other slanderous things.”

“He doesn’t get along with anyone in my work, my friends, my family and I’m tired of helping him while I get treated horribly,” she concludes to Us. “I’m enjoying not being friends with my ex and like every other ex he’s in the past now.”

Simon later spoke with E! News about his split from Farrah, I assume as a response to the Us Weekly article. “I have no hard feelings against Farrah,” he says. “We are just from two different worlds. She likes the fake life, I want what’s real. I wish the best for her and much success in all of her future endeavors.”

Although Simon’s comments on Twitter seem unrestrained, he suggests that there is still a lot he isn’t saying. “Given that I have respect for her dad, I’ll let her slide,” Simon says. “I don’t need drama in my life at this point. She can say what she wants, but we all know who the real one is and who the fraud is.”

Now that Farrah’s run on Single AF is over and she will be back in the USA soon — apparently a single woman — is there a chance the couple might try to reconcile? “No. I think we are better off going our separate ways,” Simon tells E! News. “There’s no loyalty in that woman. She’d rather make a buck then to keep someone around who actually cared about her. She will forever be alone.”

Farrah also spoke with E! News, echoing Simon’s sentiments on the possibility of a reconciliation. “I’m so happy I’ve separated myself and won’t be harassed or stalked by him further,” she says.

Ironically, Simon’s E! News article linked to the Us Weekly article that ired Simon in the first place, crediting them with being the first to report on the cease and desist letter. (Which we wrote about a week ago.)

It seems the back and forth in the media got Simon’s truth juices flowing as he opened the floor to questions from his 45,000+ Twitter followers. “If anyone is curious to know the truth of any situation, just tweet at me!” he announced. “It will save much more time!”

But before anyone was able to ask a question, Simon went ahead and clarified some things: “Yes. And the show is all bullsh!t. @MTV needs better content and much better cast members. Fire the producers to start with.”

In the ensuing Q&A session with his followers, Simon answers questions about Farrah and Teen Mom OG as he continues to shade producers — especially executive producer Larry Musnik. Oh, and he answers the most commonly asked question of all time: How much money do the Teen Moms make?

Here is the full transcript of today’s relatively brief “Simon Says” session:

Q: What do they pay each of the moms per season?

SIMON: 300k

Q: Is deb the weirdest person ever? Did you see her music video?

SIMON: Debrah is the worst example of a human being in American History

Q: why do you think Larry the producer is a scumbag? What does he do?

SIMON: He makes fun of Gary’s weight. Laughs with other crew members that he needs an extra plane ticket to seat him. Larry is a piece of sh!t.

Q: I know you and Debra don’t get along to well but how well do you and Michael get along?

SIMON: I like Michael @ekimabraham we have always been good

Q: Do they actually set up “situations” like random vacay with maci/Taylor/ty/cate set up&mtv paid or real friends celebrating and their $? Oh Matt/amber too lol!!

SIMON: The amber and matt wedding scene was fake. It’s been shot more than once

Q: what really happened with heather the producer? Why is she no longer on the show

SIMON: Bless her heart! She couldn’t cover the lies anymore and needed out.

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