BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Jessica Siciliano says Benjamin Rathbun is still a ‘liar & fraud’ after his engagement

Before the 90 Days Jessica Siciliano reacts to Mahogany Roca and Benjamin Rathbun's engagement

53-year-old 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Benjamin Rathbun announced his engagement to 22-year-old Peruvian Mahogany Roca last week, a development that had many fans asking a lot of questions. Ben’s close friend, Jessica Siciliano, shared a series of posts on Instagram answering the questions she knew the answers to — answers that DO NOT reflect well on Ben!

Jessica was featured during Before the 90 Days as she and her husband met with Ben before his trip to Peru to meet Mahogany for the first time. She seemed incredulous when Ben revealed that he was dating a Peruvian woman he thought was 24 years old and that he had sent her money. The situation was even more sketchy given the fact that Mahogany told Ben she was shy and didn’t want to video chat with him.

Jessica returned for the Couples Tell All special. After Mahogany had some harsh words to say about her, and Ben didn’t come to her defense, Jessica lashed out at Ben and pretty much eviscerated him. “Ben, you’re fake!” Jessica exclaimed at one point. “You are the fakest person I’ve literally ever known.” Later she added: “You are a narcissist. And you’re delusional.”

Despite the Tell All blow up, Ben and Jessica later made up and seemed to have completely mended their friendship. However, just like Ben, the friendship soon went south again.

Jessica Trashes Ben Rathbun

In her lengthy response to Ben and Mahogany’s engagement (included below), Jessica reveals Ben recently said he was broke and he was asking friends for money. That was not too long before he headed back to Peru yet again and bought an engagement ring. “I guess my meltdown at the Tell-All holds true today: liar, fraud, and bad friend,” Jessica writes at one point.

I will start with Jessica’s post specifically addressing the engagement:
“Re: Ben & Mahogany’s engagement…
“For those wondering if I knew/how I feel about Ben’s alleged engagement to Mahogany:

“Ben ghosted my husband and I a few months ago after me spending countless hours and days helping him brainstorm and create an online fitness coaching business because he ‘couldn’t find a job’ and as you’ve seen him share in the past – was having financial struggles.

“We genuinely thought Ben was in a bad way and wanted to help him. You saw him post about losing access to his money, desperately using the McDonald’s app for free food..etc.

“We took him to a beautiful dinner, my mother even packed him a travel bag of food and drinks and gave him cash for more food/gas for his drive home, and later when I heard he was having a difficult time, I actually sent him money on Zelle because I believed he truly needed it and was trying to be a good friend and show up for him during a time of need.

“Joke’s on me! I guess I was just as dumb as him when he sent Mahogany $1,000 last year! I never paid any attention to their ‘YouTube channel’ but good to know that not only did he have money for countless trips to Peru….but for an engagement ring!
“I wish him nothing but the best but my eyes are wide open. We clearly do not know this man anymore, maybe we never did.
“‘This does not add up.’

“I don’t regret going out of my way and being kind to someone that I thought needed my help, but when you realize that person was dishonest and took advantage of your heart and generosity, it’s maddening and quite frankly sick.
“So no, Ben and I haven’t spoken.. not since he duped us and took off to Peru months ago apparently, and no, I don’t think there will be a friendship going forward.
“I guess my meltdown at the Tell-All holds true today: liar, fraud, and bad friend.”

Benjamin Rathbun

Jessica Siciliano On Her Relationship With Ben

“After the Tell-All I either I got scrutinized for being too harsh, or applauded because people didn’t like Ben. Even then, I took to social media to defend him and say – don’t applaud me because I was rude to someone you don’t like…don’t celebrate hate.

“I lost it on Ben at the Tell-All because I was there to support him and instead, he got caught talking sh*t about me behind my back, let Mahogany stir the pot, and actually contributed to me getting ganged up on. He knew I had just lost my father and was already not in a great headspace and still he had no problem turning on me. It made me feel like his friendship was disingenuous and I didn’t even know him…hence me ultimately calling him a liar, fraud, sh*tty friend etc.

“Yes, he apologized and pleaded after that and I eventually forgave him because that’s my HEART. I don’t hold grudges and I believed at the time he was truly sorry. Charlie and I chose to see the good in him and move on. We continued to show up for him and support him when he needed people in his corner.

“Clearly it was just another manipulation and so once again I feel the same way, only this time he can’t spin us in circles with adult fairytales to make us see it any other way.
“What’s the saying? Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice, shame on me.
“Not this time.

“I understand those who watched the show and follow me are curious and confused or want to know what’s going on with Ben, but respectfully I have nothing more to say and I can’t tell you what’s going on with him because I clearly have NO idea.”

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