TEEN MOM Did Luke punch a hole in Kayla’s wall, planning to move to AZ with his new girlfriend?

Teen Mom Kayla Sessler Luke Davis split

It was recently confirmed that Teen Mom Young and Pregnant couple Kayla Sessler and Luke Davis are now living separately. Kayla also revealed she has a new place to live AND a new boyfriend!

However, it may be that Kayla isn’t the only one in the relationship who is moving on. According to a new report from @teenmomfanz on Instagram, Luke has a new girlfriend who lives out of state, and he is planning on moving there soon. However, that’s not where the tea stops flowing!

“Allegedly, #LukeDavis has not helped #KaylaSessler with their children’s financial needs since they split!” the account says, based on information from a source requesting anonymity.

More from @teenmomfanz’s tea spill moments ago:

The source claimed that Luke told Kayla that her “new boyfriend” should help pay for their children’s needs! The source continued by saying, “Luke is now moving in with a girl he met a week ago. He is moving to Arizona to be with this girl and he’s leaving his kids behind.

Kayla’s new boyfriend has been taking care of the kids, taking them to school, and everything in between.” Allegedly, an incident happened a few days ago at Kayla’s new home as well! #LukeDavis allegedly entered #KaylaSessler’s home “acting a fool” and punched a hole in her wall.

The source concluded by telling us that the girl Luke is moving in with is a fan of Teen Mom and has been for years! 😯 Thoughts?!

The news comes soon after Kayla Sessler did a Q&A with her Instagram followers and said that co-parenting was going well between her and Luke. A commenter brought up that point in response to the tea post, and @teenmomfanz replied: “The source that told me this info is VERY VERY close to them. You would be surprised.”

I am guessing we will soon know whether or not there is any validity to the reports via Luke and/or Kayla on social media. Will it be a post from Luke in Arizona first? Or a photo of a hole in the wall posted by Kayla? Or a flat denial from one or both of them? Stay tuned!

Kayla Sessler’s Q&A

For those of you who missed Kayla’s Instagram question and answer session with her followers this week, here are some of the highlights:

COMMENT: Does Luke still get to see Zay or had their relationship changed?
KAYLA: Of course! Nothing’s changed. That’s his son.

COMMENT: Are you and Luke on good terms?
KAYLA: Yes we are!

COMMENT: Well sis, how long has this [Kayla’s relationship with her new boyfriend] been a thing? 👀
KAYLA: Since August.

COMMENT: What happened to you and Luke 😔 I was rooting for y’all all the way.
KAYLA: We had a lot of problems more than y’all know. During Family Reunion I let you guys know something that’s been weighing on me heavily for years 😩 We are better as friends. ❤️

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