Bar’s mom Shen returns to Teen Mom Young & Pregnant after quitting over Ashley and MTV editing

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Bar's mom Shen returns to the show

Cable TV viewers no longer have to go without Vaseline and edge control as Teen Mom Young and Pregnant‘s breakout star Shenandoah “Shen” Williams has decided to un-quit the show in hopes of repairing things with her son Bar. She doesn’t seem as hopeful as far as her future daughter-in-law Ashley goes, however.
“So I decided to continue on the show,” Shen officially announced on Twitter. “We have come to some understandings and I will continue for my son and grand baby.” She adds that there is now a “contract in place” before she shares a Shen-ism in addition to what she hopes her return will help accomplish: “Real is best and that’s all I want. Hopefully this can help move us to healing and joining this family back.”

In case you missed it, Shen quit the show last month after MTV aired the first couple of episodes, in which she felt that producers were not representing her accurately in favor of mom-to-be Ashley Jones. The last straw was her son’s surprise 21st birthday party, at which there was reportedly an altercation after Ashley asked Shen to leave. Soon after that incident, Shen went into “on blast” overdrive on Facebook in an attempt to get the real truth out about MTV and Ashley.
Those social media posts resulted in Ashley sending a cease and desist letter to Shen before filing a protective order. Shen would later have the protective order thrown out due to lack of evidence.

Just when it seemed Shen was winning the battle in the court of public opinion, Ashley did a complete 180 and posted an apology video online. The apology came off as a bit insincere to Shen, and it seemed as though most fans of the show agreed — at least the ones who were vocal about it on social media. (In addition to Ashley’s rather snooty attitude, it didn’t help that she apologized “for anything that you feel I’ve ever done to you” — which was completely avoiding any acknowledgement of anything specific she was sorry for.)
Anyways, Shen was having none of it — and she called BS multiple times on multiple social media platforms.
Shen would eventually cool down and all but call off the dogs as far as Ashley bashing. She thought she had made her case, and she felt that people had gotten an appropriate dosage of the truth. Even so, she still had ZERO plans to return to Teen Mom Young and Pregnant.

Without Shen, Ashley essentially has no story line. Plus, Shen is undeniably the breakout star of the show as far as ratings-inducing drama goes, so of course MTV was highly motivated to get her back on board.

On Tuesday night, Shen gave the first indication that she was considering returning to the show — mainly in hopes of repairing her broken relationship with her son Bar. “So what do y’all think about me continuing the show?” she asked on Instagram “We have come to some good understanding and it will help my son and grad baby. Maybe we can clean this mess up. He has to know I love him and it’s for him and my grand baby.”

Soon after that post, Shen announced she had in fact signed on to return after MTV approached her. Amazingly, it sounds as though she was able to negotiate the contract in her favor — which is pretty unheard of in the middle of an inaugural season of a reality show. And one of the things in her favor may have been a larger paycheck! One fan congratulated Shen on her return and added: “Just make sure MTV pays you well.” Shen responded with: “they will. ?”

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Shen Vaseline and Edge control

UPDATE – After sharing our post on Twitter, Shen’s son Bar responded by saying this post “is a lie 100% through and through.” It’s unclear what he means, because all this post claims is that Shen stated she signed a contract and will be returning to the show — which is 100% true as far as we know. Perhaps he is trying to say that Shen is lying? Regardless, here is his tweet:

After making her return announcement, Shen “kept it real” by discussing her decision with some of her concerned fans. She emphasized that she knew to be cautious trusting MTV and show producers, but she insisted that she did have some sort of control through her contract and she emphasized that she truly believed this would help our Bar and her grand daughter Holly — and that it was the best hope to repair things with her son.
Here are some exchanges between Shen and some of her Facebook followers, in which Shen demonstrates that she has given all of this a lot of thought. Oh, and we tossed in a “Fa-SHEN Show” gallery to spice things up and make the post a little more Shentertaining! 😉
COMMENTER: If that’s what you want to do then you should. However in my gut I’m screaming no don’t do it. I feel like they will set it up and edit it to make you look like the bad guy. I feel like issues should be resolved privately and if the only way they can b…See More
SHEN: Thank u love for your honesty and i made myself clear to all involved I won’t participate with lies. I want my son back and if this show is a way it will be worth it. I dont trust her or her family but this is about my son and my grand baby . i will walk with care . if i see no help or resolution in sight then i will deal with it another way. Love your real baby girl

COMMENTER: No. You’ve pretty much told us it’s all set up anyway. Don’t sell yourself for the BS, Ma.
SHEN: I for sure know it was and u r so right but now i know im going into this with caution . i just want to help me and my son. Im doing this to try and be a part of him and the baby if i don’t they will push me farther away. I’m willing to try anything at this point. Its so hard to figure this out and to have some one so toxic in his head i need to be more involved to be there ugh im so lost thank u boo
COMMENTER: Do you.❤️
SHEN: i hope i am making the right decision ugh i just want my son back

COMMENTER: I’m so glad I’m not the only one that sees this could end badly.

SHEN: I hope not i just want my son back he really wanted me to do this and maybe . i met with some people and was promised things and it so made sense .i just want my son and baby back in my life in so confused

COMMENTER: Pastor Tea has said more than once that she wants Ashley to buy her a house. They gonna stir up drama to keep their storyline relevant.
SHEN: She is horrible im glad u c i have seen it 1st hand I know the true story

Teen Mom Shen fashion show photos

COMMENTER: I don’t believe that’s a great idea MTV is known to make one family look like monsters and one like angels.
They won’t be real with you-Did you know that the teen moms get paid more for more drama they provide.
I follow the most hated team mom ever, she was told she needs to have a baby or something to continue on the show that was a few seasons ago she refused to have a baby so she had to make money a different way as we all know it was p0rn But that was just one thing she does she actually has thriving boutiques and companies without the help of MTV purchasing anything for her.

SHEN: Yeah i don’t expect that I am going into this only for my son and to hopefully mend this damage that had been done. I know more of what to expect and I hope this doesnt get worse. Its no longer about ashley its about my son. I dont know this is so hard. I have so much out there now i might as well take part so i can jeep getting my truth the real out there. I seem to be the story line all the way around i might as well have some say so. I won’t just be here i have a contract in place and some control now we will c thank u so much u have no idea how much i love your real and i am hearing all of u

SHEN’S HUSBAND: As long as you are happy I don’t care what choice you made. You are in the point in your life for doing things for you is ok and I support what ever it is you have going on. Make choices based on the pursuit of happiness is what I say because if your are truly happy it will be infectious with everyone around you. Be the light that you are and shine. Love you.
COMMENTER: I think u are great person. U spoke up for yourself that all and she didn’t like that
SHEN: That’s exactly why I feel like I can do this for my son now. Maybe this will be the platform I need to get back what we had and maybe have a relationship with my holly. I am more prepared and i have say so now. Thank u so much beautiful
COMMENTER: I’m glad You signed on. Just out of curiosity, do you think mtv will try and stir up drama?
SHEN: No but she will ??

COMMENTER: That’s all Ashley wanted
COMMENTER: What if she and her mother starts drama again? Shenandoah Williams

SHEN: my goal is to make things get back to our good place with my son and everything else is obsolete once i do that we can go from there the most important is giving this a go in hopes i can have relationship with my son and holly I know what to expect from her i am taking a different route i have proven who i am and now i have to live by that m lets c i guess we will have to all wait for the show now ??

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