Below Deck Adventure stew Oriana dating charter guest John Dampeer

Below Deck Adventure stew Oriana and charter guest John are dating

Below Deck boatmances are very common, but usually they involve two (or more) crew members. Fresh on the heels of Below Deck Med Season 7’s steamy fling between stew Kyle Viljoen and charter guest Frank, we have another crossover boatmance between a charter guest and a crew member from the premiere season of Below Deck Adventure!

Stew Oriana Schneps is reportedly dating restauranteur John Dampeer, who is one of the eight charter guests featured in the very first episodes of Below Deck Adventure.

The charter guests were a group of friends celebrating multiple 40th birthdays, and Oriana shared her thoughts about them in a confessional that may have been a bit of foreshadowing.

“Being on a yacht for my 40th birthday would be pretty sweet,” Oriana admitted. “I’m only 27 right now, so at age 40 I want to have made it. Which means that I have 13 years to either marry someone rich, sue someone rich, or make an OnlyFans account.”

Below Deck Adventure stew Oriana OnlyFans quote

Oriana hasn’t announced an OnlyFans yet, and I don’t know of any pending litigation, but she does look to be working towards marrying someone rich! John Dampeer is a restauranteur who has launched numerous bars and restaurants in the San Francisco area over the years. He currently owns Fool’s Errand located on Divisadero Street.

Here are some photos of Oriana and John that she has shared on her Instagram account over the past year:

Oriana and John Dating Timeline

Below Deck Adventure filmed more than a year ago. There are three camera operators with profiles on StaffMeUp who list Below Deck Adventure on their credits. Two of them have the dates of July 21 through September 21, and the other lists July 21 through October 21.

Given that John Dampeer and his friends were the first charter group to be filmed, I assume their charter was towards the end of July of 2021.

Based on John’s Instagram, it appears that he and his crew continued their 40th birthdays celebration after Norway by visiting Copenhagen, Barcelona, Greece and Croatia. It was when the crew visited Croatia that John and Oriana met up again.

Here’s a video posted by Oriana on October 2, 2021 that was recorded at the Grand Park Hotel in Rovjin and it features John quite a bit:

Here’s another gallery posted by Oriana, and if you swipe to the video you will see that chief stew Faye Clark, stew Kasie Faddah, and chef Jessica Condy were also part of the Croatian excursion!

Here’s a group photo of the ladies with John posted by Chef Jess:

Oriana’s first Instagram post from Croatia was posted on September 22, which certainly lines up with the Septembr 21 date for the end of filming. That means that Oriana spent at least 11 days in Croatia with John!

I speculate that the charter guests told the Mercury crew of their travel plans and the crew revealed that they would be finishing up on September 21. In the premiere episode of Below Deck Adventure, John asks Kasie how long she was going to be in Norway and she told him six weeks. The charter group probably extended an invitation (to the women only?), and the entire interior accepted.

I have no idea when Oriana and John’s relationship went from friends to benefits. However, they sure seemed quite comfortable with each other in the hotel video that Oriana posted on October 2. I assume they became more than just friends early on in Croatia.

After their Croatian adventure, it appears that Oriana and John met up again in the Caribbean island of Anguilla in January. They both posted photos from the island during the first week of January, and Oriana even tagged John in her gallery caption:

Oriana later made a trip to San Francisco during the Fourth of July weekend to see her “favorite fool.”

Oriana and John were apparently still a couple earlier this month, as evidenced by this gallery of photos that she posted during Below Deck Adventure Premiere Week:

I assume Oriana will be making an appearance on Watch What Happens: Live in the coming weeks, and she will be able to share details about her relationship with John at that point. Stay tuned!

Oh, and congratulations Oriana and John! To see if there were any on camera romantic sparks, be sure to tune in to Below Deck Adventure airing Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo! It’s also available to stream on Peacock.

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