TEEN MOM Ashley Jones apologizes to Shen, but Shen says it’s fake to get her to come back to the show

Teen Mom Ashley Jones Shen Apology video

The over-the-top drama continues between Teen Mom Young and Pregnant mom Ashley Jones and her future mother-in-law Shenandoah Williams. After months of trash talking Shen, and even taking out a restraining order (which was later tossed out by a judge), Ashley has done a complete 180 and posted an apology video on social media. The tactic hasn’t worked, however, as Shen says the apology is insincere and merely a ploy to make Ashley look better and to convince Shen to continue filming for the show.

“To my mother in law ❤️,” Ashley captioned the video (included below). “Since you felt publicly disrespected I thought I’d publicly apologize. I can’t take back what I have already said in the show and remember it was taped a while ago. So we’ve got some rough episodes to get through. But I LOVE YOU AND YOUR SON, and in time hopefully you can feel the same about me ❤️ all in all my intention was only to be apart of the family, not to try and break it apart.”

Transcript of Ashley’s apology:

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Ashley Jones Shen apology

When Ashley mentions “all that is going on with the family,” she is mainly referring to Bar’s older brother Troy Seales, who was just convicted of murder on Friday.

Ashley’s apology video made its way to Shen, and Shen was not moved. “So I get sent a video from Ashley saying ‘I apologize for whatever u think I did?'” Shen began on Facebook. “Admit what u did and give a sincere apology…It looks forced and I think either u want to shut me up or MTV put her up to it ’cause she took me to court on lies and lost and I know for a fact she doesn’t mean it because she apologized in Dec and flipped she apologized to my daughter just to take her car. I don’t buy it. Own what u did.”

A commenter argues that Shen should just let it go and move on, but Shen argues that Ashley has done too much to her to just let it go at this point. “Mother to mother, I would let the petty stuff go, for real,” reads the coment. “You don’t wanna lose another son.”

Shen’s response:

Being drug into court and she lied said I attacked her I put my grand baby in danger she stood in front of a judge and claimed a man I was having an affair with touched her butt 1st off I never had an affair 2nd he me be [I’m pretty sure Shen meant “never”] touched her I was there she jumped me on mqrch 10th with her sister at my son’s party she lied on tv social media in courts and now that a judge ruled on my behalf I feel it’s another stunt they reel me in and then she does some more horrible things she defamed me physically attacked me and lied the judge asked what is the most egregious thing she has done and Ashley responded with she is entertaining fans comments but the order she filled out said I attacked her I put my grand baby in danger I out her address on fb when she did all that except u she didn’t put a child at risk but she talked about my grand baby who has a speech problem and so much more it’s not petty stuff if she owns it and sincerely apologizes and owns it then may be we can heal but I know the real her she has done this before as soon as my guard down she attacks again

In case you missed it, Shen quit the show after a reported altercation at Bar’s surprise 21st birthday party. Shen says she was attacked by Ashley and her sister, and she has previously posted text message conversations with show producers that seem to verify there was some sort of physical altercation. Ashley claimed in her restraining order filing that Shen showed up uninvited and refused to leave before attacking and yelling at Ashley.

Needless to say, Shen is a HUGE part of Ashley’s story line, so having her quit the show has got to be a major headache for show producers. Plus, Shen has threatened to file a defamation suit against Ashley, and that could make filming even more difficult because Ashley would have to tiptoe around everything she said about Shen. Shen is also reportedly refusing to appear at the Reunion, which would leave Ashley and Bar’s segment high and dry. I bring all of this up because Shen makes some claims that Ashley’s apology is not just to help Ashley’s public image, but its also a ploy to get Shen to come back to the show.

One commenter reacted to Ashley’s apology by writing: “Feels fake…not sincere especially with how it ended.” Shen then responds with something very revealing. “MTV asked me what I needed to continue show,” she begins, “I said a sincere public apology and [for Ashley to] own the horrific sh*t she did.”

In response to a similar comment, Shen added: “It is ’cause they want me at the reunion. I refuse.”

The feud between Ashley and Shen eventually moved to Twitter, and for the first time there was actual direct interaction between the two of them — and Ashley’s mom, Pastor Tea:

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Pastor Tea Shen tweets

Meanwhile, Bar has posted his own video in which he tries to shift the focus to his brother Troy’s murder conviction while insisting that Ashley’s apology is real. Strangely, he begins the video by saying “So, I ain’t engaged,” which contradicts Ashley talking about Bar as her fiance. Plus, there are photos of the proposal. Anyways, here is his video:

And I will leave this here a get back to the real issue that’s at hand #FreeTroy

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The back and forth has continued with both sides saying that they have tried reaching out to the other (Bar and Shen) and both claiming that the other has them blocked. At this point, I don’t think it’s a stretch for both Shen and Bar to have reached out to each other while having each other blocked. This whole situation seems like pure chaos right now.

Clearly, there is no way to know for sure if Ashley’s apology was sincere or not. That being said, it certainly did not appear to be sincere. And I feel very confident that regardless of Shen’s decision on whether or not to return to the show, I do think MTV helped moticate her to make it and that we will be seeing at least part of Ashley’s apology video featured later this season.

I will say that Bar’s video seemed to have authenticity. It really does seem like he just wants this bulls**t drama between Ashley and Shen to end — especially given that his brother was just convicted of murder.

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