Bachelorette: How did Ashley Hebert’s ex-boyfriend Joe Olszewski die?

Right before Bachelorette Ashley Hebert started filming for Brad’s second season of The Bachelor this fall, one of her ex-boyfriends died of a respiratory illness! How heartbreaking!

Ashley started dating Joe in 2006, after they both graduated from the University of Maine. They remained in contact after they broke up, though they ended up on different sides of the continent. Ashley stayed in Pennsylvania for Dental School, and Joe moved out to California.

In a sudden turn of events, he came down with pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome last fall. 14 doctors worked to save his life in a Burbank hospital, but unfortunately he passed away Sept. 4, 2010. Ashley was able to peak to him before he entered the hospital, but had no idea if would be for the last time. She told Life & Style: “He was so very dear to my heart, and his passing took a toll on me. I still struggle with Joe’s passing, but it also made me realize life is so short.”

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